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Embassy crew rescue freighter crew

LUXIS SYSTEM – As Federation embassy crew worked to recover a wayward freighter, officials on Duronis II fear there are undercover Orion Syndicate operatives working within the embassy rank and file.

Rear Admiral Toni Turner is heading up an internal investigation to determine how the Orion Syndicate and other anti-Federation organizations seem to have gained access to sensitive information. The Embassy senior staff fears that there are one or more Orion Syndicate operatives hiding in the Embassy staff. In an effort to uncover possible operatives, the Embassy crew have begun an operation, although the details are classified.

In a strange unrelated incident, a Betazoid freighter originally headed for Bajor had changed course for the Duronis system and was on a collision course for Duronis II. Laudean and Federation officials lost communication with the vessel days ago and feared that the ship’s crew was helpless to stop the freighter. Lt. Commander Brayden Jorey took command of the USS Thunder-A to intercept the freighter, get control of it, and investigate what happened to the crew. Upon arrival, Lt. T’Mihn devised a clever way to bring the freighter out of warp long enough to transport an away team to the ship.

The away team, led by Lt. Paul Sharpe, discovered the entire crew of the Betazoid freighter was in a sleep-like state. Ensigns Savan and Oddas took the freighter’s warp engines off-line and Thunder is now towing the vessel to Duronis II. The freighter’s captain was transported to the Thunder’s sickbay, where Lt. Commander Boris Hendon has discovered that the crew suffers from a telepathically induced coma. The team continues to investigate as they make their way slowly through the Laudean Corridor in the Duronis II anomaly, called the Sandbar.

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