Enemy infiltrators captured at Duronis II Embassy

Enemy infiltrators captured at Duronis II Embassy

LUXIS SYSTEM – The USS Thunder-A dealt with augment felines as Duronis II Embassy crew captured enemy infiltrators.

The USS Thunder-A was towing a runaway freighter back to Duronis II, while the away team continued to investigate the cause of how the entire crew of the Betazoid ship was in a sleep-like state. Medical teams examined the crew; the Thunder examined scans of the ship; and the away team searched the ship. There was no virus, no pathogen, sabotage, or attack by hostile forces. The answer?
“Cats,” Lt. Cmdr. Brayden Jorey responded with visible disgust on his face. “Some idiot of a Betazoid scientist decided to breed the furry abominations with Betazoid DNA. These augments had uncontrolled telepathic abilities that were wreaking havoc on the crew’s minds.”
The freighter’s captain and crew were treated by the Thunder’s medical staff and the feline augments were incapacitated and held in quarantine.
Meanwhile, at the Embassy on Duronis II, plans were set into motion to draw out suspected moles working at the Embassy. A rumour was started and spread that Fleet Admiral Wolf was en route to the Embassy for an unscheduled stop. Embassy intelligence closely monitored communications in hopes of uncovering the mole.
It was during this time that a few senior marines were enjoying an evening of drinks. However, their evening off-duty was cut short when they realized that they were seated near a small group of likely operatives posing as Federation officers. After a brief meeting with Admiral Turner, it was decided that they would make their move before morning to take down and capture the operatives.
All the preparations set into motion to make it appear as though the Embassy was getting ready to receive Fleet Admiral Wolf were put to good use. Both the Embassy teams and Thunder teams were able to come together and celebrate their respective successful mission. Celebrations coincided with the fleet’s annual award ceremonies, where Admiral Turner also handed out mission ribbons and a few well-deserved promotions.

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