Laudeans to take over search for Bajoran Ambassador

Laudeans to take over search for Bajoran Ambassador

DURONIS II – After hunting for signs of a prominent Bajoran Ambassador who had gone missing, the Federation Embassy’s staff have now been ordered to stand down as the Laudeans take over the search.
With the Embassy Staff sent off to their destinations in search of Ambassador Anora, the mother of LtCmdr Anora Manar, Rear Adml. Toni Turner’s team left for their destination via Ambassador Lee’s sailboat across the pristine waters of Til’ahn, as they enjoyed the view and relaxed the other teams also got on with their assignments.
Captain Samal Frazier’s team had split up into smaller groups in hopes of searching Deka’s new pride, the Latinum Jewel. Once they were all on board they got to grips with the ship when Frazier was taken by rouge agents on the ship but later rescued by Major Irina Pavlova using her skills and undercover knowledge to free him.
As that was going on, the third team made their way to the 102nd Rule, a luxury spa and hotel resort on the shores of the Kingdom of Manar. When they arrived to luxurious suites, they were all invited to a mixer a chance for them to meet others that were there enjoying a bit of luxury.
As each team looked for the Ambassador the team on the Latinum Jewel were sailing into trouble. About three hours after departure, Deka departed the ship and within thirty minutes, the ship suffered a catastrophic explosion in its lower escape pod deck near the engine room. Though the ship’s emergence containment systems activated to stop the ship from filling completely with water, it cut off 15% of the ship’s lifeboats and part of the engine room. Major Ben Edwards informed the team of what was going on via their hidden comm links and then made his way to the bridge to see if he could help.
“It was like somebody had set off a hundred fireworks, and then the ship shook,” said Simon Wells, a local business owner. “Nobody seemed to be panicking, but the staff started to move people towards the exits.”
At around the same time, Turner was invited to a meeting with Vail Daysa, the Laudean Prime Minister, who had been keeping a close eye on the team. Vail was also here for the same reason as Turner: to find Ambassador Anora. After a short discussion, they agreed that the Laudeans would continue the search for the Ambassador and would keep the Embassy staff informed.
After that meeting Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker received an abort order to their mission and to return to the Embassy. The Embassy had started to mobilise a SAR teams to head to the Latinum Jewel to help with the Laudean rescuers.

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