Ferengi criminal stronghold reduced to dust

Ferengi criminal stronghold reduced to dust

LUXIS SYSTEM – Deka, a Ferengi criminal, was apprehended, and his stronghold known as “The Zone” was destroyed in coordinated Starfleet operation.

The crews of the USS Bronwyn, captained by Samal Frazier, and USS Thunder-A, led by Rear Admiral Toni Turner, entered “The Zone” to apprehend Deka, a Ferengi entrepreneur with ambitions to succeed the late Boliva Gaev, a known Laudean gangster.
Following the near sinking of his cruise ship, the Latinum Jewell, Deka fled Til’ahn to a notorious asteroid base, known as “The Zone.” Deka, who was working to assume Gaev’s holdings, is believed to have connections to a resurgent Orion Syndicate.
Federation forces at the Duronis II Embassy were able to track Deka to “The Zone” as he escaped the Latinum Jewell, and with the starships USS Thunder-A, USS Brownyn, and additional assets from Starfleet Intelligence, they launched a full assault on the base, taking Deka into custody and completely destroying the facility and all vessels attached to it.
The assault was led by the USS Thunder – A which drew most of “The Zone”‘s forces while Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker led a small team onto the base to locate the fugitive Ferengi. While Deka’s forces were busy with the USS Thunder and her fighters, the USS Bronwyn attacked their lightly guarded rear flank while slipping a squad of Marines onto the base to secure an escape route for Lt. Cmdr. Parker’s team. Once Deka was in custody and all Federation personnel evacuated, starships Thunder and Bronwyn proceeded to reduce “The Zone” into space dust.
“Deka was arrested in his office, where our team found clear cut evidence on his computer that he was working with the Orion Syndicate, and that they had sent operatives to Til’ahn to assassinate Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa,” said Rear Admiral Turner. “I immediately sent a team to stop them.”
When asked why it was necessary to destroy “The Zone,” the Admiral replied, “We found evidence in the cargo hold the Syndicate was not only holding contraband and artifacts they had stolen on their way to the Embassy’s Science Department, but also we rescued 58 slaves of varied species they were holding for bid.”
With barely seconds to spare and the Laudean Prime Minister in the assassin’s sights, Lt. Cmdr. Parker and his team killed the assassin just as the Syndicate operatives invaded the home of the USS Bronwyn’s first officer Major Irina Pavlova. Once there, Pavlova’s 12-year old adopted daughter, Jazmine, was critically wounded, and and her 8-year old daughter Katya was kidnapped.
With Katya stunned and held at a secret Orion Syndicate safe house, an operative was sent to the Prime Minister’s mansion to attempt to complete the unfinished mission of the assassin, getting captured by Parker’s team in the process.
Meanwhile, Katya Pavlova escaped her captors, and with the information she provided, Major Pavlova and a still injured Lt. Cmdr. Parker and Captain Waltas launched an unauthorized assault on the safe house.

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