USS Darwin-A’s captain goes missing as Numiri attack

USS Darwin-A’s captain goes missing as Numiri attack

POUIYEOG REGION — A search for missing Fleet Captain Renos is stymied by a devastating attack from the Numiri.

Near the end of shore leave on Outpost Unity, the crew of the USS Darwin (NCC-99312-A) were wrapping up their personal affairs. These effort came to an abrupt end when Fleet Captain Renos failed to return from a personal excursion aboard an unknown vessel. A search for the missing captain and nir ship was being organized when an old nemesis, the Numiri, made a show of force by bringing a fleet into the sector to attack Outpost Unity. Unable to recall all of the Darwin’s senior crew in time, Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Traenor ordered a standoff against the heavily armed aggressor fleet with just the Darwin and the outpost’s fledgling fighter squadron.
On Outpost Unity, the abandoned Darwin crewmembers found themselves aiding the outpost civilian contingent to emergency shelter once the battle started overhead. Their efforts took a disturbing turn as they discovered that sabotage had rendered the outpost without internal or external comms, and two familiar civilians were found with life-threatening injuries. Pinned under fire by a gunman, Lt. Cmdr. Didrik Stennes managed to get the civilians to safety while Lt. JG Kurt Logan and Lt. Graeme Cook teamed up with an outpost Starfleet officer, Ensign Sindrana, to hunt down the suspected saboteur.
“He was stabbed! I was shot at. He was… he was a traitor. I mean Talax… Talax, um, Talaxan. I’m not going to stay here and get killed. Come on. We need to get out of here,” stammered the injured diplomatic aide Lyna Namid.
In the space above the outpost, the battle between the Numiri fleet and the Darwin started off with a literal bang as the Numiri employed an experimental metaphasic weapon to circumvent the Darwin’s shields and severely damage one of their nacelles. A battle of attrition commenced, with the Darwin barely able to hold her own. There were many casualties during the attack including Lt. Cmdr. Nicu Icavoc and Ensign Han Yamaki, both of whom required surgery by Lt. JG Isabel Pond and assisted by new counselor Ens. Paul Scudder.
Systems failures on the ship were finally found to be attributed by a leak of Borg nanites, and Traenor had Lt. Merrick R’Ven, the Borg science specialist, detained under fear of being responsible for the breach. In addition, repair efforts were hampered by the untimely onset of pon farr in the Vulcan Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr. Varaan.
Though the fighter squadron turned the course of battle against the Numiri, the heavily disabled Darwin was still outmatched against their lead vessel, who was ready to fire their metaphasic weapon again. In a desperate last measure, Traenor ordered a ramming of the lead ship, believing that the loss of the Darwin was a small measure compared to allowing the weapon to be used against the defenseless Outpost Unity. The Numiri blinked at the last moment and vacated the battle but not before depositing a parting gift. They left behind a coffin, containing the remains of once-Darwin medic Janel Tarna, discovered by the Numiri deep within their space.
On Unity, the saboteur was subdued through unorthodox methods, basically outwitting him. Upon inspection of their vanquished foe, they were surprised to find that he was not the Talaxian he appeared to be but a Numiri agent in disguise. He had been sabotaging aboard the outpost for months, setting up for the very attack that was occurring above them.
With the battle complete and the outpost secured, the Darwin is completing hasty repairs before starting out on their now-delayed search for Renos.

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