Crew of USS Darwin forced to abandon ship

Crew of USS Darwin forced to abandon ship

TURISAN II — A life support failure aboard the USS Darwin-A has forced its crew to abandon ship and take temporary refuge among a pre-warp society in the Delta Quadrant.
On shore leave at Deep Space 6, the crew of the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A attended a masquerade ball designed and implemented by Captain Renos. In the following days, crewmembers attended to several personal ventures, including a class in the J’naii martial art of Kaigut, led by the captain nemself.
With its previous mission complete, Task Force Silver was dissolved and the USS Triumphant was placed back in inactive status. A majority of Triumphant’s crew are offered positions on Darwin, and each takes the opportunity to fit into his new role.
Renos called a senior staff meeting in order to brief the crew about the upcoming mission and to hand out recognitions. Ensign Kurt Logan was promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade, and the Explorer’s Badge, Innovation Ribbon, and Lifesaving Award were handed out to various crew. Finally, Renos announced that due to Darwin’s efforts in the previous mission, the ship has been assigned to establish a base of operations in the Pouiyeog region of the Delta Quadrant and usher in a new era of exploration.
A few weeks into the mission, while en route back to the Pouiyeog region, Darwin encountered a spatial anomaly that severely affected the ship’s computer cores, with life support systems taking the most damage. With no other options, and assistance in the form of repair crews weeks away at slipstream speeds, the senior crew made the difficult decision to temporarily abandon the ship.
Darwin managed to limp its way into orbit around Turisan II, a class P planet with a pre-warp civilization. Advance scouts reported a human-like civilization in the midst of an industrial revolution, and with time running out before a full life support failure, the crew hastily prepared to disembark. To help them integrate, the non-Terran crew are given cosmetic surgery to resemble the indigenous Turisans.
While waiting for rescue, the crew were given orders to integrate into Turisan society, protect the Prime Directive, and conduct anthropological studies of the local peoples. A small port city called Lomorton, with a highly itinerant population, was chosen for the location of the crew’s immigration. They were divided into small households, where their efforts could be combined to provide lodging and sustenance during their time planetside.
Upon arrival in Lomorton, and to uphold the Prime Directive, each crewmember has been forced to seek employment for survival, rather than use Federation technology. Some officers were able to use existing schools to good effect in acquiring employment. Others, however, were not so lucky, and were forced to take such menial, dangerous jobs as nightmen, chimney sweeps, debt collectors, and barkeeps.
Darwin’s arrival coincided with the preparation period for a local solstice festival called Newgrange, which bears a slight resemblance to the Earth holiday of Christmas. As such, the crew has gained a rare opportunity to not only learn a valuable facet of Turisan social constructs, but the human crew are allowed some reminiscence while they introduce their non-human crewmates to the traditions of their holiday.
Ship helm officer Lt. Todd Manius, for example, noted dryly, “From what I’ve gathered from talk and seeing all this preparation going on, there are many similarities between the two holidays. It’s almost spooky.” The upcoming holiday allowed for plenty of activities and bonding for the crew while they await rescue from the Federation.

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