Dokkaran relocation halted after attack by unknown assailants

Dokkaran relocation halted after attack by unknown assailants

DRAGORIN VI — Several Starfleet officers have gone missing during a routine relocation mission.

Upon arrival into the Talos sector, the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) took up orbit around Dragorin VI and wasted no time with sending down an investigative team. Lead by temporary first officer Lt. Commander Hael, the team consisted of Lt. Commanders Sinda and Foster, Lieutenants JG Mclaren, Ch’Gabor, and Es-Aleh as well as Merina Lirane, the Dokkaran’s leading scientist. They transported to the lush planet below to verify its ability to home the plant-based species.
What should have been a simple enough mission turned dangerous in a blink of an eye. The large away team split into two smaller ones to further investigate the newest home to the Dakkaran poeple. A sap-like sticky substance seemed to coat everything, from plant life to collection buckets. Foster and his team chased after strange and inconsistent blips, which lead them straight into a firefight. They had stumbled upon some rather nasty characters that had their eyes set on defending their plot of land.
Meanwhile, the other smaller team led by Hael faced its own complications as they were plagued with headaches, useless limbs, and the inability to make contact with either the other team or the Constitution. Only half-sentences to the ship made it through before the connection failed altogether.
Aboard the Constitution, Captain Jalana Rajel and the few remaining senior officers scoured their sensors as they huddled around the bridge. What should have been a quick look around turned into missing officers and incoherent ones. Sedean, the Dokkaran’s lead, made his way to join the staff members on the bridge in search of information but was instead met with the news of losing his leading scientist along with Starfleet officers in a blink of an eye. The worst crossed their minds.
Sedean, Captain Rajel and Cmdr. T’Mar were all of the same mindset: reaching the planet to find their people. Against protocol, Captain Rajel made the choice to lead one of the two teams they formed on the ship. Her task set on checking up on the babbling group, while Cmdr. T’Mar would lead a rescue, or tactical, team to find the group that went completely missing.
“Most never worry when they’re safe on a ship; it never even crosses their mind,” said Corporal Marko Bailey, a Marine aboard the Constitution. “But as soon as away teams are even assembled, everyone seems to go on edge.”
The ship remained on high alert and was left in the hands of Ensign Soriano as Captain Rajel called forth a wave to be reckoned with. They found out very quickly that transporters were not an option, which limited the number of officers they could take and the swiftness of the rescue. Thus, Captain Rajel and the others set out on shuttles, not knowing what exactly waits for them on the surface.

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