USS Constitution investigates possible murder cover-up

USS Constitution investigates possible murder cover-up

LERAYN — A Suliban government official has been found dead under mysterious circumstances.

Lerayn, a Suliban inhabited world, lost a well-respected government official recently. There was little to offer as to why the healthy man suddenly died, but a lowly assistant in the same building came to overhear something rather disturbing, prompting her to seek out the first StarFleet vessel she could find, the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B).
Meanwhile, Lt. Cmdr. T’Mar settled in to her new role as acting captain, bringing Lt. Rustyy Hael up from engineering to take the role of acting first officer. Just before they were about to take off from StarBase 11, a Suliban woman named Akana hailed the ship and asked to speak with its captain. T’Mar agreed to listen to Akana’s claims of murder within her government. After careful consideration, T’Mar chose to investigate the claims, deciding that it was better to err on the side of caution and be sure that no one else fell to an early grave.
The crews jumped on board with a mixture of excitement and hesitation as they began to delve deep into what Starfleet has on Suliban culture and intel. On their way to Lerayn, the crew was joined up by Lt. Cmdr. Nate Wilmer, who happily returned to his former position as an HCO officer. Many of the crew were pleased to have Wilmer aboard and back at the helm.
“It’s nice when the distance is port to bow rather than light years when it comes to staying up to date with friends,” said Ensign Jamie Magpie.
Also catching up to the Constitution was fresh meat Ensign Tahlin Alse for the science department and Lt. Miles Driscoll to work with Lt. Cmdr. Wilmer at communications and operations.
Though not met with open arms exactly, the Constitution and her people were received by the Minister of Lerayn and allowed to visit and better investigate the unusual circumstances and claims that brought them there. Akana asked to remain on board, fearful for her life, and help the officers from there, but returning home wasn’t the safest when she, Ensign Chelin Ch’Gabor, and Ensign Dag Sindri were transported off by someone who lurked in the shadows.
The rest of the crew aboard reacted immediately to the sudden loss of crewmen but to no avail as of yet. Meanwhile, those scattered on the planet were kept distracted from their purpose by constant roadblocks and disappearing bodies. All of which has lead to more questions than answers.

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