USS Constitution-B cleared of any wrong doing

USS Constitution-B cleared of any wrong doing

SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Starfleet Command reported today that an investigation by Starfleet Intelligence has cleared the crew of the USS Constitution of any wrong doing after their recent trip back in time to Earth’s first world war.
The crew of the USS Constitution, NCC-9023-B, has been through the ringer as of late. After apparently traveling through time via temporal rift, the crew finally found itself back in the proper timeline. Cmdr. Jalana Rajel was greeted not by a rescue party, but by Cmdr. Prendar of Starlet Intelligence. The Constitution was immediately held by Prendar’s ship and Rajel was confined to her quarters while an official investigation was underway.
Several members of the crew were subjected to interrogations from Prendar, including the First Officer Lt. Cmdr. T’Mar. It was not until Colonel Nugra, former captain of the USS Victory, showed up at the Constitution that Prendar released command of the vessel and concluded his investigation. Rumors are, however, that Prendar threatened a return to the Constitution.
“That guy did not want to listen to anything he was told,” shared Ensign Joe Davis. “I heard that the investigation wasn’t even sanctioned! One thing is for sure, he has it in for this crew. Not sure what we did to earn that!”
All was not down and out for the crew, however. Rajel arranged for some winter festivities in the ship’s lounge, The Black Hole. Several of the staff and crew partook in the party, which even had holographic snow falling. There was more to the party, however, when Nugra surprised everyone by promoting Rajel to full Captain.
In addition, Rajel awarded several of the crew with ribbons for their hard work. Ribbons included, but were not limited to, the Explorer’s Ribbon and the Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon. The ribbons were undoubtedly well-deserved. As the party continued, the crew prepared themselves for a shore leave while the Constitution underwent several repairs.

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