USS Constitution-B receives message from the long lost ship USS Unity

USS Constitution-B receives message from the long lost ship USS Unity

EN ROUTE TO BETREKA NEBULA — The USS Consitution-B attempts to solve the mystery of the USS Unity’s disappearance.
After receiving several repairs as Starbase 11, the crew of the USS Consitution NCC-9012-B received a message that brought their shore leave to a halt. The message was from the USS Unity. Everyone in Starfleet and many Federation citizens were aware of the story of the Unity. She had been a Deep Space Research Ship, an Oberth Class on its virgin flight just a bit more than a hundred years ago. It had gone out to find new species, unknown worlds, phenomena and had become one itself as Starfleet had suddenly lost contact. The whole fleet back then had been utilized to find them, but to no avail. The search had been given up at some point, assuming it had crossed path with a hostile force and had been destroyed.
According to an anonymous communications officer, the message that the Unity sent was rather cryptic, if not creepy in itself. “… from the USS … sure what happened… energy… I see… coming. … not survive, no…g can be done… They… ing… they are coming… they are coming…”
The message was traced to the Betreka Nebula, so the newly repaired Constitution and its freshly promoted Capt. Jalana Rajel headed for the nebula to see if they could solve the mystery of the Unity’s disappearance. The staff worked around the clock to research and prepare as much as possible before the Constitution’s arrival, knowing that the message could have been altered some how. Needless to say, however, there is the hope that the Unity is still out there and that Starfleet’s biggest mystery can finally be solved. What caused the Unity to disappear? What has brought it back in contact after all these years? There are no answers yet, but perhaps soon there will be.
“Perhaps we can find some closure to those families who never were able to know if their loved ones were out there. It isn’t the same as bringing them home, but it is something,” RAdml. John Agaive said in a statement to the FNS.

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