USS Athena investigates potential Yeltan Temple

USS Athena investigates potential Yeltan Temple

SIGARIS III — A temple full of potential Yeltan symbols has forced Starfleet to respond by sending the USS Athena on an investigative mission with hopes of preventing a galaxy-wide disaster.

With Starfleet moving back into the Gamma Quadrant for the first time in years, news outlets across the galaxy have been reaching out for information on the USS Athena. Some of the crew expressed apprehension about encountering the Dominion.
“When we arrived in the Gamma Quadrant, I was nervous, expecting more of an opposition from the Dominion, but so far they seem to be ignoring us,” said Ensign Lilly Sterson. “Instead, we have been met with more of a covert opposition that seems to have followed us from the Alpha Quadrant.”
The USS Athena headed into the Gamma Quadrant to stop at Sigaris III. Their mission as issued to them by Starfleet Command was to investigate mysterious symbols on the interior of a temple’s walls with potential ties to a dreaded Federation enemy. Captain Faranfey was selected for this mission because of her unique background and experience.
The captain sent down a team to investigate the temple and meet with diplomat Ardus Ukavor. The team attended dinner with Ukavor and managed to negotiate their way into the temple. Upon leaving the dinner, a Marine unit was put on standby, and the captain was given an update. The team proceeded into the jungle and upon arrival at the temple, the team was shot at by automated defenses, injuring the medical officer. The communication between the ship and the ground team was cut off by something in the temple. With the medical officer out of commission, the ground team split up so that half the team could turn off the defenses and the other half could stay with the injured officer.
Meanwhile, a daunting message claims to have been recorded by the captain’s little sister on some future stardate. With vital signs indicating trouble on the surface but no communication from the ground team, the Athena has put together a second team to send down to the planet with a shuttle. Complicating matters is disturbing evidence that the ship is suffering at the hands of a potential saboteur.

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