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USS Athena investigates Dreamstar

DANUBAE SYSTEM — USS Athena wraps up shore leaves, docks for repairs, and sends a team to investigate the Dreamstar and another team with the USS Victory to activate a listening post nearby.

Mysteries and opportunities open up with the discovery of deserted station in the Danubae system

DANUBAE SYSTEM — First contact with an alien station proved alarming after it acquired nearly half of the USS Athena’s crew, attempting to use them to operate and maintain the facility.

Athena’s crew kidnapped by alien station

DANUBAE SYSTEM — The stardrive crew of the USS Athena have been captured by an alien station.

USS Athena encounters hostility in the Gamma Quadrant

GAMMA QUADRANT — The crew of the USS Athena wrapped up their shore leave and proceeded further into the Gamma Quadrant only to be met by a hostile alien species.

USS Athena recovers from harrowing and disastrous mission

USS ATHENA — After destroying a potentially dangerous Yeltan temple, the crew of the USS Athena are taking a break from the chaos and recovering with a much needed shore leave.

Researcher missing at Yeltan Temple

SIGARIS III — A researcher has been kidnapped from an archaeological site in the Gamma Quadrant currently being investigated by the USS Athena.

USS Athena investigates potential Yeltan Temple

SIGARIS III — A temple full of potential Yeltan symbols has forced Starfleet to respond by sending the USS Athena on an investigative mission with hopes of preventing a galaxy-wide disaster.

USS Athena leads Starfleet into Gamma Quadrant for first time in over a decade

USS ATHENA — The newly-launched Odyssey class starship USS Athena is preparing for her first mission in the Gamma Quadrant.

USS Athena launches under Capt. Selene Faranfey

The Executive Council is pleased to announce the launch of a new vessel: the USS Athena!

Under command of Capt. Selene Faranfey, the USS Athena is an Odyssey class starship – the third of it’s kind to be launched, after the USS Odyssey and the USS Apollo-A.

Previously serving aboard the USS Doyle-A, the crew and her captain have already moved to their new vessel where they’ll be shifting mission focus to deep space exploration, focusing on the first exploration of the Gamma Quadrant using slipstream drive.

The Athena was named after the Greek goddess of wisdom. You can learn more about the starship class, the Athena, and her crew, on our wiki.