USS Athena recovers from harrowing and disastrous mission

USS Athena recovers from harrowing and disastrous mission

USS ATHENA — After destroying a potentially dangerous Yeltan temple, the crew of the USS Athena are taking a break from the chaos and recovering with a much needed shore leave.

The USS Athena’s away team blew up the holy temple in the jungle of Nazzarak. The explosion destroyed the symbols the crew were supposed to recover in their original mission, but without the professor to examine them, they destroyed the temple instead. Back on the ship, a bomb exploded on deck 20, decimating the science complex. The Science Department is being temporarily relocated to the unused Intelligence Suite on deck 7 during repairs.
A dangerous member of the cult known as the Sentinels is currently being held in the brig on the USS Athena after she and her partners kidnapped researcher Dr. Kevin Basai and attempted to ambush the ground team during the away mission. They captured her for questioning and she is in a medically induced coma.
“The mission was unique, challenging, and classified. If you want to know more you need to speak with the Athena Public Affairs Officer or Captain Faranfey,” said Lt. Nugra
“I’d tell you, but then Commander Prendar might take the ship and send everyone into lockdown,” Cmdr. David Cody added.
Meanwhile, a few members of the Athena’s beta shift have been transferred to alpha shift, and they were thrown into the action. The crew of the Athena welcomed its latest additions: Ensigns Zoeey Rhye, Engrid Rhye, Cole Turner, and Liam Borgia.
The USS Athena left Sigaris III and indulged in some much needed shore leave. The crew also enjoyed a beautiful award banquet to celebrate the promotion of First Lieutenant McKnight to Marine Captain and the awarding of several awards to members of the crew. It was announced during the award ceremony that the USS Athena is taking up permanent residence in the Gamma Quadrant effective immediately.

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