Embassy II survives uprising

Embassy II survives uprising

DURONIS II — The Laudean Naturalists uprising has ended thanks to the efforts of the Federation Embassy crew.
With the permission of Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa, Rear Admiral Toni Turner, her crew and Marines left the Embassy to capture Boliva Gaev a known criminal, and Ahishma Chandra, the head of the Naturalist Party for their attacks on the Embassy. Little did they know that Gaev had sent for a fleet of small vessels with the intent to destroy the Embassy.
With Captain Samal Frazier being recalled by Starfleet, and with a massive enemy fleet closing in, Major Hannibal Parker assumed command of the USS Bronwyn, and went out to meet the threat. Meeting up with the mysterious Starfleet Intelligence Director Chang of Project Looking Glass, the two starships prepared to meet the oncoming threat. After being hailed by the Naturalist Party commander to surrender, Major Parker made a counteroffer: for the invaders to surrender.
With neither side giving ground, the Bronwyn and Changs’ ship opened fire, beginning a fierce and pitched battle. In the middle of the fray, the Bronwyn lost both shields and weapons, not due to battle damage, but to sabotage at the hands of Laudean shipyard workers who were sympathetic to the Naturalists’ cause. The sabotage was not thorough enough to completely disable the starship, and she gave chase to the four invading vessels who had managed to escape. Using her tractor beams, the Bronwyn managed to stop two more, and after getting her weapons online just in the nick of time, the final two ships were beginning their dive on the Embassy when the Bronwyn destroyed them.
The Bronwyn, however, was still not out of danger. Sabotage to her impulse engines had the Bronwyn‘s engines ready to explode, but thanks to Major Parker recalling a crude, but effective, method of stopping the runaway engines, the Bronwyn was saved. Bronwyn, sans engine power, was safe in orbit, until enough repairs were made to ease the ship into Spacedock. Once arriving there, Major Parker assigned Lieutenant T’Mihn and Lt. Commander tr’Khellian to determine the extent of the sabotage to the starship.
Meanwhile Turner’s group converged on Chandra’s Tree house stronghold to capture their quarry, hoping to take them alive. Unfortunately, Gaev and Chandra made it impossible to take them alive. Returning to the Embassy to tend the wounded, Parker gave his report, and began working on a better defense plan for the Embassy and grounds.

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