USS Thunder returns from classified mission to chaos on Duronis

USS Thunder returns from classified mission to chaos on Duronis

DURONIS II — After completing a classified mission, the USS Thunder returned from parts unknown to face a planet in crisis in the wake of the disappearance and reappearance of Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa.
The classified mission was a continuation of the Thunder’s earlier mission to retrieve Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea, who had been sold from the pirate haven The Zone to Cardassian interests for the sole purpose of obtaining Iconian artifacts that the Cardassians planned to use to restructure time so that the Cardassian Union would have become the major power in the Alpha Quadrant. Armed with that information, Fleet Captain Toni Turner quickly formed a rescue mission to the planet Vetka, a planet fractured over a millennia ago but its fragments still retaining atmosphere. With the Thunder riding shotgun with Lt. Cmdr. Hannibal Parker in command, Fleet Captain Turner, Ambassador Della Vetri, Colonel Tyr Waltas and Lt. Cmdr. Rossh set out to retrieve or destroy the Iconian artifacts and to rescue their stolen officer.
Leaving the Thunder behind, the rescue team in disguise made their way through the asteroid field to the planet Vetka. Meanwhile, the Thunder made her way through the asteroid field, hopping from asteroid to asteroid, using the interference from the asteroids and stealth to get in close to Vetka, where Lt. Cmdr. Parker believed a Cardassian ship may have been waiting. His instincts were proven right as the Thunder closed to within point blank range of a Galor class cruiser seemingly undetected. Settling in under an asteroid, the Thunder awaited word from the rescue team while keeping the Galor under observation.
The rescue team procured the services of a native pirate to take them to the location of the Fire Heart, the former core of the planet and the probable location of the Iconian artifacts and T’Lea. After some difficulties, including an attack by very real dragons and the death of the pirate captain, the rescue team set down and made contact with the Cardassians. A tense standoff evolved into a firefight, and then the Galor opened up on the site.
In space, the Thunder opened fire on the Galor after it had fired upon the away team, severely crippling the Cardassian ship. The Thunder crew then scrambled to locate the away team.
On the surface, triumph turned to tragedy as the implants in T’Llea activated, with her severely injuring Fleet Captain Turner and Colonel Waltas, who also injured the hijacked commander. Ambassador Vetri ended up shooting T’Lea in the head, stopping the attack but also gravely injuring her. They were soon all beamed back up to the Thunder, which vacated the area.
On Duronis II, an insurgent attack on the Press Building injured Federation attache Lyldra and Lt. Cmdr. Irina Pavlova. Lt. Cmdr. Jorey undertook the dangerous mission of locating Gaev, the Laudean gangster responsible for the kidnapping of Prime Minister Vail Daysa. Finding him near the Dockyards, the Chief Of Intelligence queried the gangster and made a deal to assist each other. The deal was overheard by the rescue team headed by Pavlova. With Jorey now retrieved, the rescue team returned to the Embassy, where they continued to monitor the situation.
Repeated attempts to contact the Embassy and the USS Thunder had been met with silence until a terse communication from Lt. Cmdr. Kamela Allison aboard the Thunder.
“The Thunder has been involved in operations vital to the security of the Federation, and the situation on Duronis II is being monitored,” she said.

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