USS Yamaguchi saved from history’s fate

USS Yamaguchi saved from history’s fate

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — The USS Yamaguchi, destroyed at Wolf 359, has been saved from history, along with her crew, after the USS Invicta encounters the Q.
The Invicta had just launched on a shakedown cruise from Astrofori One when she soon encountered two members of the Q Continuum. One of the Q, named Quana, had acquired a collection of starships from across space and time, among them the USS Yamaguchi, previously destroyed with all hands at the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2367 against the Borg.
The Invicta crew were then split into two teams, one for each Q, in a twisted game of “capture the flag” that involved the teams trying to find their objective through twisted fantasies of their past memories. One team, led by the Invicta’s first officer Lt. Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman, involved trying to find a flag while surviving Dr. Raj Blueheart’s teenage torment on Luna. Another team on the Yamaguchi were brought back to the Terra Nova colony, home of the Yamaguchi’s first officer H’lill and his son Mei’konda, the Invicta’s chief of operations.
Ultimately, a third Q appeared and set an ultimatum for both Q. The Invicta and the Yamaguchi were suddenly trapped within a contracting cage and told only one ship would be permitted to escape. Captain Aron Kells soon formulated a plan with his crew and the help of Bandixen, a mysterious El-Aurian, to attempt to destroy the Yamaguchi as a distraction and beam the crew to the Invicta to leave. Fortunately, it seemed this plan of action was enough for one of the Q to be declared a winner, and with her victory, she was able to free both Invicta and Yamaguchi from the collection.
The Invicta returned to Astrofori One, along with the recovered Yamaguchi, for some much needed shore leave and reflection on their anything-but-routine shake down cruise.
Starfleet has begun contacting families of the Yamaguchi crew, who greeted the news with tears, joy, and in some cases, disbelief.
“I’m just in shock,” said Daniel Vasser, whose older sister Carmen was a helm/com/ops officer aboard the ill-fated ship. “To find out she’s still alive after all these years–along with everyone else. It’s like our family’s been given a second chance.”

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