Hostages freed as USS Constitution saves Deep Space 285 from destruction

Hostages freed as USS Constitution saves Deep Space 285 from destruction

AVALON SECTOR — What began as seemingly another attack by the Maquis Reborn has proven to be a more complicated plot of subterfuge as the USS Constitution defended Deep Space 285 from an asteroid attack and freed several hostages.
“The investigation is ongoing,” said Starfleet Public Affairs officer Commander A.J. Ciaravolo in San Francisco, “but it appears this was the work of an isolated extremist.”
When the USS Constitution arrived back at Deep Space 285, the crew was expecting a relatively quiet shore leave. Several new crew members also were assigned to the ship. Shore leave proceeded normally with members of the crew exploring and enjoying the entertainment facilities of the station. However when Lt. Cmdr. James was rushed to emergency surgery, several members of the crew for various reasons ended up in the station’s sickbay.
They were suddenly and violently taken hostage by agents, led by a vicious Moropa named Kav-Nhoo of the Maquis Reborn. The terrorists were able to lock out Deep Space 285 from sickbay and seal themselves in with the members of the crew. However, their initial demands were unknown.
Word slowly started to trickle to DS285’s commanding officer Lt. Cmdr. Glim Kyyrampa that something was amiss in sickbay. She contacted the docked Constitution, which was under the command of Lt. Cmdr. Siris, one of the new arrivals aboard the ship. It was quickly determined who was in sickbay and that they were dealing with a hostage situation.
Several hours of tense negotiations ensued, with the remaining Constitution crew doing everything in their power to assist the captured officers.
As the situation in sickbay played out, it was proving difficult to make any progress with the hostage takers as the station’s efforts to free the prisoners had produced no results. Eventually, Kav-Nhoo’s accomplices overrode the station’s command codes, which left the station in no position to defend itself. To make matters even worse, Kav-Nhoo pulled his first big surprise by somehow summoning dozens of asteroids from a faraway region of space and sent them hurtling towards the defenseless station.
Siris, thinking quickly, ordered the Constitution to separate into two parts, sending the stardrive section of the ship, under his command, towards the origin of the asteroids to destroy as many as possible. The saucer section, under the command of Lt. Faranfey, would remain behind to help destroy the asteroids and assist if at all possible with the evacuation of Deep Space 285. The ship’s fighter wings were mobilized to assist the saucer section.
With the station sitting defenseless, the Constitution and the remaining crew aboard admirably did their best to defend the station. In the chaos of the evacuation and the attack, the hostage takers managed to beam out of sickbay and meet at their rendezvous point. As they escaped off the station, Kav-Nhoo revealed his next big surprise—he wasn’t Kav-Nhoo at all but rather an older Terran male named Ruchard.
The Constitution crew members who were still in sickbay were hemmed in by toxic gases, locked doors, and booby-trapped corridors, forcing them to take the unorthodox method of fleeing through the Jefferies tubes. While Ensign Bishop protested under medical grounds, the team moved the unconscious James through the tubes.
Luckily for the officers, Ensign Feraoun and Lt. JG McCleran managed to lock transporters onto the group and beam them directly to the Constitution’s sickbay, located in the saucer section of the ship. Siris merged the two sections of the ship back together and returned to DS285.

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