USS Gorkon becomes latest addition to Astrofori One

USS Gorkon becomes latest addition to Astrofori One

STARBASE 118 – The crew of the USS Gorkon prepare to launch into the Menthar Corridor.
Change. An inescapable force that lives at the very heart of the galaxy, untameable and unrelenting. From such change, great things are born. Sorrow and tragedy can be turned to joy and elation. That is the kind of change that has befallen Captain Quinn Reynolds and the crew of the USS Gorkon, NCC-82293.
In the wake of the devastating news that Captain Nugra would be stepping down as captain of the USS Victory, NCC-362447, his crew found themselves with orders to report to Starbase 118 for reassignment. An English summer fete was the setting for their final promotion ceremony and a chance for them to meet their brand new command team, Captain Reynolds and Commander Chen.
“This is a fantastic opportunity, for all of us,” said Commander Chen, first officer of the USS Gorkon. “The diplomatic initiative in the Menthar Corridor is ground-breaking, not to mention an exciting prospect for the crew of a ship like the Gorkon. I think I can speak for us all when I say that we’re honoured to have the opportunity to represent Starfleet in interactions with species like the Cardassians and the Kubarey, and very much looking forward to establishing ourselves as a part of Peaceforce 5.”
Naturally, the crew responded in different ways, some overtly expressing their sadness as their former captain transferred to pastures new, others embracing the chance to serve on a Sovereign-class vessel with open arms.
For some, it was business as usual; Commander Alucard Vess’s relationship with his new first officer looked to be on shaky ground as his two and a half year old son, Ally, decided to use the Andorian’s antennae for a game of hoopla. Indeed, Captain Reynolds and Ambassador Greir Reinard’s professional reputations entered the same territory as hilarity ensued. Elsewhere, Lieutenant Cory Stoyer proposed to his long-time girlfriend, and department chiefs took the chance to familiarise themselves with their new staff.
Yet, while happy memories were being created at the fete, other events were somewhat more bittersweet. Lieutenant (j.g.) Lael Rosek was hit by the news that her partner Lieutenant (j.g.) Janel Tarna was being transferred. Lieutenant (j.g.) Adam Haase had a strange dream that ended with the appearance of a strange, serpentine artefact in his quarters, and Ensign Danny Wilde’s encounter with a holographic fortune teller left him a haunted man.
With such things taking place with the Gorkon still docked at Starbase 118, who can tell what the future, and the Menthar Corridor, will hold for its crew?

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