USS Gemini escapes unknown subspace anomaly

USS Gemini escapes unknown subspace anomaly

EN ROUTE TO PROMETHEUS STATION – The crew of the USS Gemini, trapped inside an unknown subspace anomaly, managed to escape using unconventional means.
While en route to investigate an incident at Prometheus Station, the USS Gemini encountered and became trapped within an unknown subspace anomaly. Once inside the anomaly, all systems across the ship failed, leaving the crew in total darkness inside a dead ship. To compound the difficulty, the Gemini‘s crew were scattered across the ship, essentially trapped wherever they were.
With the crew isolated throughout the ship, and no way to communicate with each other, everyone began splitting into small groups to work towards getting things running again aboard the ship. One team, led by Capt. Liam Frost, quickly found themselves near one of the ship’s fusion generators. After some quick work, the team was able to restart one of the generators, giving a little bit of life back to the ship, before heading to Stellar Cartography to start working on finding out what happened to the ship.
Once the generator was back online, another team led by CPO Harold Konstava, made their way to Main Engineering only to find a major problem: the warp core was completely offline. They had to find a way to restart the Gemini‘s heart without the help of a starbase external power. To everyone who heard it, the plan was too dangerous, but they could not find another solution.
“Oh, come one, what’s not to like about this plan?,” said Crewman Alicia Khan at the time. “I give it about one chance in ten of working, and a 90% chance of going kaboom is way better than the 100% chance not trying anything would net us.”
Using all the luck that the crew could muster, the team in engineering was successful in bringing the warp core back online. With power restored, the crew had one more problem to solve: how to escape the anomaly before the ship lost power again.
After some brainstorming between Frost and Ens. Alana Larson, they came up with a plan. The Gemini would generate an inverse warp field to collapse the anomaly around them. It would be dangerous, but the ship should escape with no additional problems.
Once everyone was ready, the plan was enacted, and the Gemini began the hazardous task of collapsing the anomaly and escaping. It was precarious, but the crew of the Gemini ultimately succeeded, and the Gemini returned to normal space, ready to begin her initial task of investigating an incident at Prometheus Station.

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