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USS Gemini responds to distress call from remote planet

GARRIDON SYSTEM – While en route to Starbase 118, the USS Gemini received a distress call from a very remote planet in a relatively unknown planetary system.

After finalizing their investigation of the Prometheus Station, and calling in reinforcements to take their place, the USS Gemini headed for home, Starbase 118. During their trip from Prometheus Station, an impromptu party was held wherein Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti presented Commander Liam Frost with an unexpected surprise from Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx. Nicholotti presented Frost with a fourth pip, officially promoting him to the rank of Captain. After giving a short speech and thanking his crew, Frost presented Ensign Randal Shayne with a gift as well. Shayne was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

As the party continued in the Gemini’s lounge, Frost and Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair were simultaneously called by the bridge crew. The two men quickly made their way to Frost’s Ready Room where a message call was played for them.

“Mayday Mayday Mayday. This is the Federation outpost Frontier on the fifth planet of the Garridon system, hailing the USS Gemini. Our research facility is facing extreme environmental disaster. A meteorological incident is occurring planet wide, and a massive storm front is inbound to our location,” said a very garbled voice which was later discovered to belong to Lieutenant Commander Oliver Weston.

Weston had been temporarily reassigned and it seemed he was in need of help. Within minutes, Frost and Blair began recalling the crew of the Gemini. A Starfleet outpost was in trouble and the crew was determined to do whatever they could to help.

As the ship made its way closer to the planet, the crew began deciphering the message. The first thing they confirmed was the suspicion that the message was in fact from Weston. As they got ever closer, the crew started scanning the planet and discovered two things, the planet was in grave danger and due to the nature of the storms that almost covered the whole planet, the Gemini was unable to communicate with or even scan the surface.

USS Gemini investigates Prometheus Station

PROMETHEUS STATION – After investigating an incident at Prometheus Station, the crew of the USS Gemini have normalized space surrounding the station.

After escaping the mysterious pocket of subspace that they were trapped in, the USS Gemini and her crew continued their mission to investigate an incident at Prometheus Station. Upon their arrival, at the station, the crew quickly realized that there was no activity in the vicinity. As the ship made its closer to the station, Commander Liam Frost ordered an away team, led by Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair, to investigate.

After discovering that there was an unusual subspace occurrence preventing the use of transporters, the away team boarded a shuttle and set about investigating the station. Without a complete set of schematics on the classified station, and no obvious signs of a docking port, Ensign Randal Shayne was forced to create a hard dock with the station.

Once aboard the station, the away team found a situation much like what had been observed outside. The station appeared abandoned, but in exceptional condition. Everything inside the station looked new and completely unused. The team began their investigation and quickly discovered what had most likely caused the Gemini’s previous subspace problems, as well as those in the surrounding space. There was an experiment being done on the station that essentially weaponized subspace.

The team continued their investigation, eventually finding one surviving member of the station’s crew a Lieutenant Allan Tracy. After getting as much information as they could from Tracy, a decision was made. They needed to recreate the events that allowed the Gemini to escape the strange subspace field, only this time they would have to recreate it around the station. Blair decided to send the away team back to the Gemini while he and Tracy would stay behind to initialize the inverse warp field before leaving at the last possible second.

“This is completely screwed up,” said science officer Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Richards. “The data we gathered indicated this was an attempt to weaponized subspace for delivery systems, and I will not rest until we’ve found out who authorized this.”

After a tumultuous few minutes, on both the station and the Gemini, the plan worked and space surrounding the station returned to normal. With their investigation complete, Frost handed the investigation over to another ship and the Gemini headed for Starbase 118.

USS Gemini escapes unknown subspace anomaly

EN ROUTE TO PROMETHEUS STATION – The crew of the USS Gemini, trapped inside an unknown subspace anomaly, managed to escape using unconventional means.

While en route to investigate an incident at Prometheus Station, the USS Gemini encountered and became trapped within an unknown subspace anomaly. Once inside the anomaly, all systems across the ship failed, leaving the crew in total darkness inside a dead ship. To compound the difficulty, the Gemini‘s crew were scattered across the ship, essentially trapped wherever they were.

With the crew isolated throughout the ship, and no way to communicate with each other, everyone began splitting into small groups to work towards getting things running again aboard the ship. One team, led by Capt. Liam Frost, quickly found themselves near one of the ship’s fusion generators. After some quick work, the team was able to restart one of the generators, giving a little bit of life back to the ship, before heading to Stellar Cartography to start working on finding out what happened to the ship.

Once the generator was back online, another team led by CPO Harold Konstava, made their way to Main Engineering only to find a major problem: the warp core was completely offline. They had to find a way to restart the Gemini‘s heart without the help of a starbase external power. To everyone who heard it, the plan was too dangerous, but they could not find another solution.

“Oh, come one, what’s not to like about this plan?,” said Crewman Alicia Khan at the time. “I give it about one chance in ten of working, and a 90% chance of going kaboom is way better than the 100% chance not trying anything would net us.”

Using all the luck that the crew could muster, the team in engineering was successful in bringing the warp core back online. With power restored, the crew had one more problem to solve: how to escape the anomaly before the ship lost power again.

After some brainstorming between Frost and Ens. Alana Larson, they came up with a plan. The Gemini would generate an inverse warp field to collapse the anomaly around them. It would be dangerous, but the ship should escape with no additional problems.

Once everyone was ready, the plan was enacted, and the Gemini began the hazardous task of collapsing the anomaly and escaping. It was precarious, but the crew of the Gemini ultimately succeeded, and the Gemini returned to normal space, ready to begin her initial task of investigating an incident at Prometheus Station.

USS Gemini and crew missing In action

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — After quickly departing Deep Space 10, the USS Gemini has gone silent, presumed missing in action, while en route to the crisis at Prometheus Station.

After handing the crew of the USS Spartan over to the care and safekeeping of Deep Space 10, the crew of the USS Gemini (NCC-80564) were quickly recalled to duty. It seemed that there was some kind of incident on Prometheus Station in the Piktar System that caused the station to go silent. After being assigned to Task Force Silver under the command of Commodore Heather Westhaven, the USS Gemini was ordered to investigate and reestablish contact with the station.

Wasting no time at all, Commander Liam Frost ordered the crew of the Gemini to activate the quantum slipstream drive in an effort to make the best possible speed to the station. That night, during the Gamma shift, Lt. Commander Alexander Richards ordered the bridge crew to run a tactical simulation. While the bridge crew was focused on completing the simulation, the Gemini stumbled upon something in space.

Whatever it was that the Gemini encountered, it wreaked havoc across the ship, causing the loss of both main power as well as emergency power. The Gemini was for all intents and purposes dead in space. With the senior staff scattered across the shift, the crew found themselves in a peculiar situation. They needed to find a way to restore power; however, that was easier said than done. A starship without power could easily be compared with a prison. It was hard to move around and even harder to get anything done.

“While we cannot discuss the details of the USS Gemini’s mission or their destination, we can confirm one thing: Starfleet Command has lost all contact with the ship and crew,” said Captain Thrib ch’Vahi at Starfleet Command. “At this time, the Gemini is considered missing in action.”

Starfleet destroys rogue USS Spartan in Klingon space

KLINGON SPACE — The USS Gemini has destroyed the rogue USS Spartan after detaining her crew in an effort to prevent all out war.

The USS Gemini pressed on deeper into Klingon space in search of the USS Spartan and her rogue captain, Captain Jeremy Clarkson. With the aid of a classified piece of technology developed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, the Spartan continued to hunt unsuspecting Klingon ships.

Aboard the Gemini, a think-tank led by Lt. Cmdr. Alex Blair, managed to outthink the Starfleet Corps of Engineers by finding a way to track the disguised Spartan just in time for the Gemini to detect the signs of the Spartan destroying yet another Klingon ship. Without hesitation, the Gemini laid in a course to rendezvous with the Spartan before the Klingon captain, Jov’rak, could get there.

When the Gemini arrived, they found a vessel which according to sensor reports was an outdated freighter. However the Gemini’s crew were able to detect a gravitational displacement that corresponded to a Defiant class starship instead of a freighter. The crew knew that meant only one thing: they had found the USS Spartan.

Commander Frost wasted no time before hailing the Spartan and asking for Clarkson to stand down and turn himself in for his crimes. Clarkson refused, thinking that his reasons for his actions were wholly and justifiably right, though members of his own crew started to think otherwise.

“Captain Clarkson, by order of Starfleet Command, I am hereby placing you under arrest for treason. You have thirty seconds to lower your shields and surrender your vessel, or I will be forced to open fire and take it by force,” Frost was reported to have said to the rogue captain. “If you surrender without a fight, I’ll make sure to tell your court martial that you cooperated. Your thirty seconds start as of the end of this sentence.”

Rumors circulate as more acts of piracy reported along Klingon border

ARCHANIS SECTOR — More reports of violent piracy from Klingon space have come in as the USS Gemini searches for a missing ship.

The search for the USS Spartan continues, led by the USS Gemini. Reports indicate that the Gemini’s commanding officer Commander Liam Frost has made contact with several Klingon patrols in the area to share any possible data on the location of the Spartan. The Gemini recently crossed into Klingon space, accompanied by the USS Achilles, for what appeared to be a meeting with the Klingons in order to share information on where the Spartan may be located.

Meanwhile, more reports have begun to emerge of acts of violent piracy along the border with the Klingons. No confirmation has been made as to who is responsible, but speculation ranges from Orion pirates to fractious entities within the Klingon Empire itself trying to incite discord or even war.

“As of yet, we do not have any definitive links to any known groups, but we are not ruling out any possibilities at this point,” said Admiral Alex Raymond of Starfleet Strategic Operations. “We are working closely with all of our allies in the area to determine who is responsible for these acts and bring them to justice.”

But while Starfleet is remaining fairly vague on the evidence surrounding the attacks, there are scattered reports from the Klingon side of the border that the responsible parties may already be known: the Spartan herself.

Sources within the Empire report that at least one low-ranking member of the Klingon High Council has made allegations that it is the Defiant class Spartan that is responsible for the attacks on Klingon ships in the area and the destruction of at least one warship. The Federation News Service has been unable to verify the veracity of any of these reports, and no official complaints have been made.

USS Gemini continues search for the missing USS Spartan

ARACHNIS SYSTEM — Starfleet continues to search for the USS Spartan, the Defiant class starship that went missing near the Klingon Border after being fitted with experimental technology from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

The USS Gemini left Deep Space 224 after receiving word that another ship had gone missing in the Borderlands. This time, the ship was the USS Spartan, commanded by Captain Jeremy Clarkson. The Gemini’s commanding officer Captain Liam Frost set a course for the last known location of the Spartan and called a briefing with the senior staff. With everyone assigned their tasks, the crew got to work, knowing that time was precious.

“While there is no current evidence that the Klingons are directly involved, incidents of pirating near the border are impossible to ignore at this time,” said Capt. Frost.

The similarity of the situation compared to the Gemini‘s maiden voyage to find the missing USS Hermes was also not missed. Suspicions of possible Klingon involvement rose when it was discovered that the Spartan had been fitted with technology from the SCE that allowed the Spartan to appear as any vessel on sensors. First Officer LtCmdr. T’Mar ordered the Chief Engineer LtCmdr. Alex Blair to find a way to outthink the SCE and find a weakness; however, the Gemini got a lead when there was evidence of a battle near the Klingon border. While they were too far away to identify the ships, there were signs of a Klingon vessel being involved.

While the Gemini changed course, Frost and T’Mar discussed the situation further. There was one possibility that could not be ignored: that Clarkson has gone rogue.

Starfleet investigates disappearance of a second starship in the Borderlands

ARCHANIS SYSTEM — A Starfleet vessel has gone missing in the volatile region along Klingon space known as the Borderlands.

The USS Spartan, a Defiant class escort, was undergoing propulsion trials when it went missing last month near the Archanis system. Although no connection has yet been made between the Spartan’s disappearance and the disappearance of the USS Hermes earlier this year in the same region, anonymous sources point to some troubling parallels. The Hermes was eventually found by the USS Gemini, having been overtaken by a rogue Klingon, Commander Koval. The FNS has learned that a Klingon bird-of-prey has also gone missing not far from the Spartan‘s last known position.

“I have no comment on that,” said Starfleet Public Affairs officer Commander A.J. Ciaravolo in San Francisco. “Rest assured that Starfleet Command is investigating all possibilities, including reaching out to our Klingon allies for assistance.”

The USS Gemini has been dispatched from Deep Space 224 to locate the Spartan. Just a few weeks prior, Commander Liam Frost had held a memorial service for Lt. JG Vanessa Driscoll, and the crew was finally able to get some rest at the station. The Gemini also picked up new crew members and worked on routine maintenance. Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Richards left the Gemini to take a sabbatical, leaving the science department in Lt. JG Loleh Rejock’s hands. As the Gemini embarks on its mission, questions have now been turned to the Spartan and her crew.

The Spartan’s commanding officer Captain Jeremy Clarkson is a veteran officer with nearly thirty years experience. Hailing from Earth, Clarkson has had a somewhat mixed career with his personnel file boasting both a number of commendations and reprimands, and he was at one point threatened with disciplinary measures putting his commission in jeopardy. When asked about the possibility of a Starfleet captain having gone rogue, Commander Ciaravolo was quick to dismiss the suggestions.

“Frankly, I think that’s a bit unfair to Captain Clarkson and his crew. I know the media is eager to find the next Harrison Ross out there,” said Ciaravolo, referring to the Starfleet commander who abandoned his ship the USS Garuda in an apparent act of treason on stardate 239106.11. “Until some new information is brought to light, we’re focussed right now on just finding the Spartan and making sure her crew is safe.”

Gemini plot summary for October

With the away team onboard and decontaminated, the USS Gemini, NCC-80564, led by Cmdr. Liam Frost, left orbit of Rathos Prime and headed toward Starbase 224. Emotions were high as the crew dealt with the loss of one of their own. Many of the crew found themselves at the crew lounge, the Twin Star, to drink, mourn, and cope with the loss. Evenso, the Gemini took on more crew and had several awaiting them at the Starbase. While en route, Frost held a memorial service for Vanessa Driscoll, promoting her to the rank of full Lieutenant and awarding her the Legion of Merit. Members of the Science department also spoke of the loss of their friend and coworker before the crew was dismissed and went back to regular duties. With both Frost and his First Officer, LtCmdr. T’Mar struggling with the loss of a crew member that served under them, shore leave on Starbase 224 is a welcome escape for all.

Gemini plot summary for September

Tensions began rising as the USS Gemini – NCC-80564, led by Cmdr. Liam Frost – remained in orbit of Rathos Prime. On the surface of the planet, the away team found themselves surrounded by rioting civilians. Unfortunately, one of the attacks on the Mobile Lab resulted in Lt.jg. Vanessa Driscoll becoming infected with the very pathogen that the team was there to cure. Frost was forced to fire on the planet, causing the rioters to scatter.

With the situation on the surface calmed for the moment, the Rathosian government sent one of their research scientists to assist with the work for a cure. LtCmdr. T’Mar led the group, along with the new guest, into the lab to get to work. It was not long, however, before the Rathosians were back… this time in larger numbers.

At the same time, the Gemini’s medical team determined they were unable to find a cure in time to save any of the population. The only solution was to infect the population with Malo Lupo. The disease appeared to counter the effects of the pathogen, but not without it’s own unpleasant side effects. Learning of the degrading situation on the surface, Frost made the call to pull out, a decision made all the more difficult by the fact that Driscoll would have to remain behind.

T’Mar tasked LtCmdr. Blair and LtCmdr. Weston with securing the warp core of the runabout, who took it upon themselves to beam her to a safer location. With their sensitive equipment secure, the team minus Driscoll were beamed aboard Gemini and began decontamination while the crew mourned the loss of their science officer.

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