USS Gemini and crew missing In action

USS Gemini and crew missing In action

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — After quickly departing Deep Space 10, the USS Gemini has gone silent, presumed missing in action, while en route to the crisis at Prometheus Station.
After handing the crew of the USS Spartan over to the care and safekeeping of Deep Space 10, the crew of the USS Gemini (NCC-80564) were quickly recalled to duty. It seemed that there was some kind of incident on Prometheus Station in the Piktar System that caused the station to go silent. After being assigned to Task Force Silver under the command of Commodore Heather Westhaven, the USS Gemini was ordered to investigate and reestablish contact with the station.
Wasting no time at all, Commander Liam Frost ordered the crew of the Gemini to activate the quantum slipstream drive in an effort to make the best possible speed to the station. That night, during the Gamma shift, Lt. Commander Alexander Richards ordered the bridge crew to run a tactical simulation. While the bridge crew was focused on completing the simulation, the Gemini stumbled upon something in space.
Whatever it was that the Gemini encountered, it wreaked havoc across the ship, causing the loss of both main power as well as emergency power. The Gemini was for all intents and purposes dead in space. With the senior staff scattered across the shift, the crew found themselves in a peculiar situation. They needed to find a way to restore power; however, that was easier said than done. A starship without power could easily be compared with a prison. It was hard to move around and even harder to get anything done.
“While we cannot discuss the details of the USS Gemini’s mission or their destination, we can confirm one thing: Starfleet Command has lost all contact with the ship and crew,” said Captain Thrib ch’Vahi at Starfleet Command. “At this time, the Gemini is considered missing in action.”

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