22 killed as Laudean Naturalists attack Federation Embassy

22 killed as Laudean Naturalists attack Federation Embassy

DURONIS II — The Laudean Naturalist Party attacked the Federation Embassy in an attempt to rid their planet of aliens that they believe will leave their planet in ruins.
Balvido Gaev, a known Laudean crime boss, and Ahishma Chandra, leader of the Naturalist Party have combined forces to destroy the Federation Embassy. The first attack failed when Federation Intelligence reported a would-be bomber to the Marines, and he was tracked to a hotel room where he was captured.
The second attack was more successful when 22 members of the Embassy crew were killed by a group of snipers during a beach party during shore leave.
“Our crew didn’t know what hit them,” said Rear Admiral Toni Turner, commanding officer of the Duronis II Embassy. “The snipers were merciless, leaving them on the beach where they fell. We intend to find out who was behind the attacks, and with the permission of Laudean Prime Minster Vail Daysa, will apprehend them.”
Later, after the would-be bomber was interrogated by Lieutenant JG Daniel Cain, the young lieutenant reported the fact that Chandra and Gaev were behind the attacks and where their stronghold was located. The prisoner did confirm that there were several anti-aircraft batteries in and around the compound but didn’t know how many exactly. Furthermore, the compound itself is protected by a forcefield with an external energy source, believed to be under Lake Gromati.
At present Admiral Turner and her senior staff have taken shuttles to Govinda Province, determined to capture the two Laudean leaders.

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