USS Bronwyn, Admiral Turner and senior staff missing

USS Bronwyn, Admiral Turner and senior staff missing

LUXIS SYSTEM — During her maiden voyage after a refit, USS Bronwyn has disappeared after coming in contact with a subspace rift.
The crew of the USS Thunder (NCC-70605-A) continued to enjoy shore leave on Duronis after their previously harrowing mission. A welcome addition to the ranks of personnel were Lieutenant Commander Stephanie Parker, First Officer Hannibal Parkers’ sister, and their caretaker, Naloor, arrived to help to take care of newborn Ryland Parker. Love and spring was also in the air as Rear Admiral Toni Turner and Marine Colonel Tyr Waltas took their budding relationship to the next level.
Other members of the crew, notably Captain Samal Frazier, Lieutenant Brell, and Lieutenant Junior Grade Toni Lupo took on the task of bringing back to life the USS Bronwyn, a Miranda class vessel lost just before the Dominion War. Recovered by the Laudeans, the ship was to serve as an escort to USS Thunder-A and give the Laudeans experience at navigating and operating in deep space.
Once shore leave was concluded, the senior staff assembled on board the Bronwyn for a recommissioning ceremony. After the obligatory champagne slamming against the hull and the recovery of the shuttle used to launch it, the Bronwyn set out into the Luxis system for a shakedown cruise.
Not long after leaving Duronis, the USS Bronwyn was hit by several subspace anomalies which heavily damaged the ship, including complete life support failure, before the ship’s transponder signal was lost from nearby tracking stations.
When asked for comment about the disappearance of the USS Bronwyn, Starfleet Public Affairs officer Commander A.J. Ciaravolo in San Francisco stated in a release, “We acknowledge the disappearance of the USS Bronwyn, and all efforts are being made to locate her and her crew.”

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