Doyle returns from shakedown cruise as rumors fly in space

Doyle returns from shakedown cruise as rumors fly in space

DEEP SPACE 285 – The crew of the USS Doyle has successfully docked at Deep Space 285 to proceed with much needed shore leave after a stressful mission.
Following her shakedown cruise to Car’then III, the Doyle and her crew made for Deep Space 285 for shore leave. During shore leave, several department changes have occurred including taking on some new faces and tracking down a tactical officer whose orders got lost in the shuffle of the transfer to the new ship. Among the departmental changes were Lt. Commander Benjamin Hunnicutt who stepped down as Chief Engineer and local Marine Major Pearce, who stepped up to Assistant Security Chief.
“Shore leave is where you can get to know your crewmates, reflect on missions, make new friends, and reconnect with old friends,” claimed Lieutenant Sabrina Holly, one of the Doyle’s Engineers. “It’s also the perfect time to go shopping.”
Let’s turn our attention to the shore leave rumor mill. Two of Doyle‘s Tactical Officers were seen leaving the Brig on Deep Space 285, weaving tales of their possible reason for being there in the first place. Our sources at the Wagon Wheel, three of Doyle‘s finest, found themselves getting drunk and trying their luck on Tongo. The shops on the Promenade have reported higher patronage by Doyle officers, as they de-stress with some much needed retail therapy, but really how much stuff does someone need?
In breaking news, it is reported that one of the Doyle‘s Intelligence Officers was caught up in an assassination attempt, however details are still sketchy. More reports to come.
Our final piece of Doyle news follows a couple of Doyle officers taking a few days off to return to Starbase 118 to attend a friend’s wedding. There is hope that these officers will return in time for the upcoming promotion ceremony. Hope they don’t hit any bad space anomalies during their return trip.
With the Doyle’s first shore leave winding down and a promotion ceremony on the horizon, the Doyle and her crew make preparations for their second mission, that will prove just how ready and willing they are to take on whatever the universe throws their way.

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