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USS Darwin helps to solve the Prometheus Event

SKALUR EXPANSE – As part of Operation Knife Point, the USS Darwin-A launched the Jentar Assembly in an attempt to close a Prometheus-related rift.

The Darwin had sent an away team to the surface of Brut III to investigate a distress signal when an unknown ship arrived in orbit. The Sicarian scout Swallow, knowing that the Darwin saw through their ruse and faced with the startling realization that the Federation has implemented Sicarian technology in the Jentar Assembly, dove into the atmosphere. Their intent was to retrieve the operatives trapped on the surface and escape to advise the organization of their disturbing find. Unable to stop them, the Darwin tractored the main satellite of the Assembly into its Containment Sphere for repairs.

Concerned about the status of the away team with the scout ship entering the atmosphere, LtCmdr Icavoc was ordered to the away team’s shuttle to fly it to the team’s location for recall. The away team, in a confrontation with Duccio Turrisi over his Ash’lie prisoner Lyna Namid, managed to capture the Sicarian operative and save Namid while the rest of the aggressors were spirited away by the scout ship. The away team returned to the Darwin, just in time for the newly-repaired Assembly to successfully close the system’s rift.

As the Darwin crew spoke with their mysterious Ash’lie guest, quick insight kept Turrisi from taking his suicide pill. With the mission complete, the Darwin returned to Deep Space 6 for some much needed rest and relaxation for the crew.

Shore leave heralded the return of Captain Renos, cleared for duty after nir recovery from the injuries suffered from interrogation in the previous mission. The downtime for the crew was brightened by the announcement of a Naming Ceremony for LtJG Lyldra’s twins, born during the mission.

Hosting a traditional Bolian ceremony, Lyldra and her husband’s Brell and Hars greeted all guests in the ship’s lounge. After gift giving and well wishes were complete, Dr. Janel Tarna was given the honor of announcing the birth father. Once identified, Brell then announced the names of the children: Linalu, a daughter named after Lyldra’s dearly departed mother, and son Renu.

“He is named for our dear friend and captain Renos,” explained Lyldra, to Renos’s great honor.

After a night of celebration, another event was announced to the crew. A dress uniform ceremony to be held on Deep Space 6 had the crew arrive to an elegantly attired room. Renos started off the ceremony by announcing Thomas’s promotion to full Commander and surprised the man by having his family present to do the honor of replacing his pip.

The ceremony continued with promotions, departmental changes, and a multitude of ribbons for the crew’s accomplishments during the mission. With the formalities completed, the ceremony evolved into a celebration, and a new crewmember made his introductions around the room. Finally, Captain Renos received notification of an important event: the USS Triumphant, a Defiant class escort to the Darwin, had arrived at the station, as well as her new crew. Cmdr Thomas recalled the crew to prepare for imminent departure.

The two ships have an important mission ahead of them as they head to their next stop: the Delta Quadrant.

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