Heroic sacrifice by scientist saves USS Constitution

Heroic sacrifice by scientist saves USS Constitution

AVALON SECTOR — Sotra scientist Dr. Aralo Onil gave his life to prevent the USS Constitution‘s destruction from an energy creature, saving over a thousand lives aboard the ship.
As the crew of the USS Constitution battled to get the outbreak on the Galaxy class ship under control, Lt. Udas and Lt. Kaitlyn Falcon came up with a way to detect and track the movement of an energy creature as it travelled through the ship. It appeared to be attracted to crew members that were infected. While another team lead by Ens. Sivah worked on tracking down how the crew got infected and compiled reports on spread patterns, the team was joined by the ship’s mission specialist Ens. Zayar Feraoun. As the team worked together, the cloud appeared in the room with them but seemed to leave them alone.
The cloud moved off again, traveling the ship’s corridors until it became attracted to a metal alloy in one of the cargo bays. Somehow, it fused with the metal and started to build up a large charge of energy that disrupted ship functions in the area. Both teams worked at trying to save the ship from this build-up of raw energy.
With no luck from either teams, Dr. Aralo Onil, one of the station’s scientists, made his way down to the cargo bay and accessed the cargo bay door manual release. The only problem was to do it would depressurize the cargo bay with him in it. The doors opened, sucking the metal-bound energy cloud and Onil out into space. It was believed that Onil’s last words were, “I’m coming, honey.”
“Dr. Aralo Onil was a brave man and a talented researcher,” said Udas. “His sacrifice shouldn’t be forgotten.”
Maj. Ben Edwards, with members from the Constitution‘s two fighter wings, had managed to get in position just before the door released. The fighters followed the cloud back towards the planet surface. Still not in his right state of mind, Edwards and a wingman pursued the cloud into the atmosphere before they were recalled. Upon their arrival back and a skeleton crew left on the station, the Constitution made best speed to Deep Space 285.
The following day, the ship arrived at the station where Lt. Cmdr. Siris joined the ship with unknown orders to report to the ship’s captain. Shortly before his meeting with Cmdr. Shelther Faranster, the ship’s first officer Lt. Cmdr. James suddenly collapsed in his quarters. Upon being discovered, James was rushed to sickbay and security began their investigation.
“It was like our jolly green-blooded giant decided to get into a wrestling match with the table, although it is undetermined who won. You’d have to ask medical about that,” said Chief Petty Officer Maxwell Jamison, who discovered the unconscious commander’s body. “But my first thought was to get the guy help. Every moment matters.”
Once in sickbay, it was discovered that James had suffered a massive heart attack and required advanced surgery.

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