USS Apollo crew enjoy well-deserved shore leave

USS Apollo crew enjoy well-deserved shore leave

DEEP SPACE – After a very stressful, unexpected first mission, the crew of the USS Apollo-A enjoyed a well-deserved period of shore leave.
After successfully realigning the ship into one physical reality, the crew of the USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) found themselves in precarious situation. They had just survived a ghastly situation, one in which even an experienced crew would have tremendous difficulty. Not only had they survived, but they had pulled through the situation while having only known and worked together for a matter of hours.
After confirming that the ship had completely realigned into the correct phase, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti gave word for the crew to begin assessing damage and getting the ship back in working order. The majority of the work was completed by the engineering crew, led by Lieutenant Commander Lluneh Walker, while the medical team led by Lieutenant Zinna tended to various medical needs throughout the ship.
Once everything was back on track, Nicholotti gave one final order to her First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair.
“Commander Blair, schedule a meet and greet of some kind in the officers mess for tomorrow evening, and let everyone know,” she said.
At that the crew was officially on a short leave. The shore leave began like almost any other leave with one exception: the majority of the Apollo’s crew barely knew one another.
The crew began to partake in their own various leave pastimes, such as sleeping or heading to the ship’s bar. One pair of officers, Lieutenant T’Var Helling and Ensign Roshacari, even began a budding romance.
As time continued to turn, the second day of leave quickly arrived meaning that the Apollo’s senior staff would be gathering for their social gathering. With preparations laid out, the Six Forward Lounge tastefully decorated, a couple buffets set, and the obligatory bar stocked, the party was ready to begin.
The crew slowly trickled in and quickly split into groups, one at the bar and another near the center of the room. After a harrowing first day aboard the Apollo, it was time for her crew to get to know one another.

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