USS Apollo-A captures escaped criminals after long and violent hunt

USS Apollo-A captures escaped criminals after long and violent hunt

SAPORRA VII — After an exhausting hunt, a station-shattering explosion and two dead crew members, the crew of the USS Apollo-A captured a dangerous group of runaway criminals, only two of which survived.
The crew of the USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) had taken up many leads, among them the words of the re-captured mass murderer Virn Dakrevi, to find the rest of the trio that had escaped the High Security penal facility on Sarius III. With additional information of warp signature residues and the identity of the two corpses found with Dakrevi, the traces all lead to one point: Saporra VII, a seedy trade station also known as New Sydney.
Upon arrival an away team consisting of four members of the crew, under Acting First Officer Lieutenant Nathaniel Wilmer, beamed onto the station to find the criminals Jonathan Flint and VeeVee. Their way lead them to the medical facilities under the suspicion that one of the first thing the runaway would do was changing their appearance. According to Starfleet Intel and the knowledge of Lieutenant Shar’Wyn Foster the facilities on board the station were suited for facial reconstruction.
In the meantime the Apollo suffered from a virus attack, that has been initiated by Dakrevi herself, when the Apollo reacted to her distress call. What first had only been a flickering light here or a aiming mechanic missing by a few kilometer, had now grown into full system failures and power blackouts throughout the ship. One of these blackouts happened in the brig and made it possible for Dakrevi to escape. She attempted to separate the ship first with a bot program, but when Engineering stopped it, she manually initialized the separation sequence. Dakrevi made her way through the ship, attempting to escape, and overpowered two crew members that did not survive their meetings with the criminal.
While the Security teams tried to get a hold of Dakrevi and the Engineering teams worked hard to keep the ship in two pieces, the away team on the station managed to find VeeVee. The explosives expert did not want to make it easy for them though, and modelled a trap for them. Expecting such, the Apollo team managed to not only survive the explosion, made to tear them apart, but overturned VeeVee without any casualties and delivered her to the Apollo.
In the meantime Security teams on the Apollo had apprehended Dakrevi, who swallowed poison and was declared dead. To the surprise of the mortician, she woke up again and after a violent struggle, Dakrevi was eventually shot by arriving Security teams under Lieutenant Sinda Essen. A closer examination confirmed that Dakrevi did not survive the incident.
“She’s dead,” stated Sinda. “Believe me, there’s no medical intervention this time.”
With help of the Flaxian Ambassador, present on the station, the Apollo Crew also received a strong lead on Flint’s location and were able to seize him. That was made possible by the security alert, caused by VeeVee’s explosion, which locked him into his VIP quarters until the alert was lifted, and security could simply greet him.
With all three criminals caught, the Apollo will be able to redock the separate parts of the ship and deliver the surviving refuges back into the custody of the officials of the High Security penal facility on Sarius III.

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