Is the Dominion back? USS Apollo investigates freighter attack

Is the Dominion back? USS Apollo investigates freighter attack

AZURE NEBULA — After investigating who attacked the Klingon freighter IKS Vut’Cha, the USS Apollo-A comes to shocking results and is called back immediately.
The USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) had followed a distress call to the Klingon freighter IKS Vut’Cha, which had been disabled by an unknown attacker. Following in-depth research of the freighter’s sensor logs and making their own scans, the Tactical and Science Department came up with a few possibilities and more questions than answers.
Traces of polaron particles were found around the freighter, which hinted at the possibility of Borg or Dominion involvement. The Borg seemed an unlikely culprit given that the Klingon crew was still fully intact. The Dominion had not been around for a long time but could not be fully excluded. Another possible culprit was the Orion Syndicate, which had shown activity in the region not that long ago.
In addition, the scans revealed traces of cloaking technology that did not fit any known signatures. The stolen cargo of the Vut’Cha was trinucleic fungus, which could be broken up into the chemical constituents for several drugs, including Ketracel-white. Another possibility was that it could be used for other drugs or different reasons.
“Too many questions, not enough answers,” said Lieutenant Sinda Essen, Apollo’s Chief of Security. “The longer we take trying to sort the truth from the lies with the Klingons, the colder the trail gets. So far we have some solid suggestions that the Jem’Hadar are active again, but nothing to prove it.”
Plans changed, however, and the Apollo was called back to return to her own sector, the Typhon Expanse. The USS Gridley and the USS Cape Horn received the results of the investigations to conduct a search in the Azure nebula for the assailant instead.

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