Fugutive criminals on the run from the USS Apollo-A

Fugutive criminals on the run from the USS Apollo-A

SARIUS III — The USS Apollo-A has been tasked with the retrieval of three convicts who disabled and broke out of a high security penal facility.
“The prisoners, the human Jonathan Flint, a Zakdorn Virn Dakrevi, and a Romulan called VeeVee, stole an Arrow class runabout to get away,” said Deputy Director Franklin Curing of Federation Security at a press conference earlier this week, relaying information from Sarius officials.
Flint, a dishonourably discharged Starfleet Commander, VeeVee, an explosives expert, and Dakrevi, a killer and social chameleon known for changing her faces according to her needs, are classified as highly dangerous.
The USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) had been on its way to the Typhon Expanse when the crew was informed that three criminals disabled and escaped from the high security penal facility on Sarius III. The Apollo crew began the hunt right away. They researched the prisoners files, their abilities, and put together a profile to anticipate their next steps, while they followed the unique warp signature to find the trio.
The Apollo crew ended up finding only the engine section of the runabout that apparently had been disconnected from the rest of the craft. Only thanks to an automated emergency signal sent by Dakrevi herself was it possible to find the rest of the ship not that long after. Upon retrieval of the passengers of the runabouts, they found two of them dead and Dakrevi close to dead herself.
Dakrevi has been revived and is stable at the moment, to a point that she can be interrogated. Meanwhile, deep scans of the corpses, visually identified as Flint and VeeVee, exposed fraud. The bodies of two unknown people had been changed to look like the missing criminals, a realisation that sends the crew on a wild goose chase to find them.
There are hopes that Dakrevi is willing to help the Apollo crew find them as her emergency signal has revealed a message recorded by her that informed anyone who would listen of a planned deception of Flint and VeeVee.
“I’ve recorded my conversations with VeeVee and Flint,” states Dakrevi in the recording. “They aren’t dead. They are on a freighter. They are criminals that need to be captured soon.”
The plan may have delayed the Apollo crew has only made them more determined to find the fugitives.

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