May 2014

An Island Among Men

AKA: Why is no one interested in my character? One of the most common difficulties experienced among Starbase 118 members is the feeling that their character is alone, completely isolated

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Watching The Watchers

I would take a wild guess and assume that most of you, if not all of you, have watched episodes of Star Trek. I think that I may have actually

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Holiday (and Tie-in) Writing Challenges

Holiday-themed Writing Challenges have been a recurred several times lately, most recently with March & April 2014’s Easter-themed “Rabbits!” Challenge. However, these special Challenges are just as likely not to question

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SDC Spotlight: The Zora Fel

“Glory in your enemies strength. It makes victory even sweeter.” – a Zora Fel proverb. The Zora Fel are a species of unusual contradictions. The men are all warriors who

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Featured Bio Contest Reminder

Please remember to nominate a character bio for the latest round of the Featured Bio Contest before it closes on Sunday, June 1, 2014. Just check these three simple points: Nominated articles must

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April plot summary for the USS Atlantis

The surprise attack by the Endangered Jenatris Species radical environmentalist group was thwarted by the timely arrival of Krayav escort vessels. Though the EJS may have vanished for now and

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The Greatest of Them All

As spring draws into summer on the north side of our planet, more and more re-runs will be shown on television as networks realized long ago that people would rather

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We are a star trek roleplaying game

We are a free, fun, and friendly community of Star Trek fans who write collaborative fiction together. It’s easy to join – we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

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