The Greatest of Them All

The Greatest of Them All

As spring draws into summer on the north side of our planet, more and more re-runs will be shown on television as networks realized long ago that people would rather spend warm, sunny days outside rather than inside watching the tube. As such, we here at the poll of the week, will follow suit once in awhile this summer as we know sometimes those re-runs can become classics. Just look at the original series of Star Trek itself. If not for re-runs, it may never have become the iconic television show it is today.
That being said, this week’s Poll of the Week will be asking a question that has been answered before. But hopefully, with new people around the fleet, we will get different answers. Of the five main Captains that have graced our television screens in the name of Star Trek, who was your favorite and why? Head on down to the polls and let us know who you think was the ultimate Commanding Officer of the small screen trek incarnations.

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