April plot summary for the USS Atlantis

April plot summary for the USS Atlantis

The surprise attack by the Endangered Jenatris Species radical environmentalist group was thwarted by the timely arrival of Krayav escort vessels. Though the EJS may have vanished for now and taken with them one of the sentient cloud creatures, the crew has a feeling they will bump into them again in the future. One of the attacking activists is currently in the Brig for interrogation.
Thus, the Atlantis’ first mission in eight years now draws to a close with the successful delivery of the Grenushi Ambassador to the Krayav government on Uzoka 4 for peace talks between the two civilizations. Though controversy was stirred when the crew discovered the nature of the gift about to be presented to the Krayav, they allow the Cloud Dancers, as the creatures are natively called, to be handed over anyway to fulfill their purpose as telepathic enhancers to aid in global communication – but with the explicit condition that the crew be allowed to observe the treatment and utilization of the Dancers to ensure they are being treated fairly. In addition, the language of the Dancers has been successfully translated by the Science team.
Commander Blueheart announces shore leave for the crew – weary after a harrowing 2-day journey to the heart of the Uzoka system – and for repairs to commence on the ship. Together with an exchange of medical databases of both cultures, Blueheart also hopes they are allowed some down time on the planet for shore leave.

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