Poll of the Week: In theory

Poll of the Week: In theory

This week we are going to be polling something a little closer to home, and somewhat less political, but still in the same vein of the endless what if mysteries that exists in our world. If you found that to be a little vague, please let me clarify by saying that this week’s polls is all about conspiracies and conspiracy theories. To be even more specific, whether or not we as individuals believe in them.
All throughout our history just as it is with the constantly shifting world of politics (and in most cases also including in that domain) individuals and groups of people of plotted in the shadows seeking to do many different things. Be it a change in governmental leadership or to make some revolutionary change in the business world. And on the flip side of that there always tends to be people willing to debate or heated argue, as has been the case in some cases, whether or not some mysterious group was responsible for the unusual or unexplained. Conspiracies and subsequent conspiracy theories are both terrible in reality but also very exciting in fiction.
So this week I pose the question; Do you believe in the legitimacy of any conspiracy theories? While finding theories on the internet or in books isn’t too hard, finding actual proof is another thing completely but that doesn’t mean that we can’t wonder. Wonder about things like the Apollo 11 moon landing, the global warming conspiracy, Kennedy assassination or Area 51 even. The question really is, no matter your answer, what do you think? Is it all a bunch of garbage or do these theories actually hold some weight.
No matter what you think be sure to tell us in a comment after you vote on the forums because the debate is what makes these polls fun. I can promise that no shadowy group is trying to make you believe that one. Have fun everyone.

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