December 2013

November for the USS Avandar

All crewmembers home safely, and the threat of an uncontrolled Iconian Gateway thoroughly neutralised, the USS Avandar NCC 80203 set a course for somewhere a little less unknown for a

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November for the Duronis II Embassy

With Fleet Captain Toni Turner on self-imposed medical leave, she left Commander Alucard Vess and Lt. Commander Nugra in charge of taking the command chairs of the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A

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He’s Dead Jim!

All of us have had to go through academy training the become officers in our group. Whether it is a Fleet Captain down to the newly enlisted Ensign, we all

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November for the USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC 71669, were on day 3 of their mission when the real ‘fake’ gods arrived. The “gods”, upset that there was lack of fanfare,

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Episode 2390-6 Released!

The new episode has been released!  For those of you that want would like to listen online, check out our release on the StarBase 118 YouTube channel! Whilst we recognize

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Say Goodbye To ISON

Have you heard of ISON? If you haven’t, perhaps you haven’t been keeping your eyes upon the stars. ISON is the name given to the comet to have most recently

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