“Treason & Plot” Writing Challenge Nears Conclusion

Did you know that the first UFOP:SB118 Writing Challenge took place over ten years ago? That’s right, the Writing Challenges are over a decade old! Though the regular contests didn’t occur regularly until 2005, the September/October 2003 contest was still unprecedented in the group’s history and went on to establish a long legacy. That first Challenge, with the apparently simple theme “Death,” was won by Idril Mar — then a lieutenant, now a fleet captain and a senior member of the Executive Council! — with her story “In the Service of the Emperor.” 
It’s appropriate that we turn to the past for a moment, as the current Challenge (the last of 2013!) asks you to consider “Treason & Plot” as a theme, as inspired by Guy Fawkes Day and our last Challenge winner’s unique take on a holiday theme. Unfortunately, as of right now, there are no entries in the current Challenge! Can you help us turn that around? You’ll certainly have a better chance of winning with less competition, and remember, too, that the Writing Challenge is now being published to the site as a downloadable PDF document, and that the winner will get a special writeup and have his or her story featured first in that document!
Please visit the Writing Challenge forum for more, and we look forward to seeing your entries!