December 2013

November for the USS Mercury

Following their efforts at the Menthar Anchorage, the Mercury’s crew relaxed in a holodeck scenario designed by acting CO Harrison Ross. However, they did not count on the return of

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Welcome to Ravensville

In the shadow of the asylum, the grey, drab town of Ravensville languishes, its population of 4,000 living from day to day in a world bereft of colour and warmth.

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November for Starbase 118 Operations

When the storms impact it proves impossible to prevent them penetrating and attaching to the fusion reactors that supply power to the bases systems. During the impact to everyone’s horror

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Top Picks: Child’s Play

When last we left our Top Picks, we had explored my favourite choices for our Trekkie babies. Babies, however, get older and outgrow all those neat outfits, gadgets, and doodads.

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November for the USS Tiger

The crew of the USS Tiger-A has been enjoying leave on the ship during their return journey to Deep Space 17. Crew members have been exploring the ship and getting

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Free Gadget for Everyone!

Its holiday season people. So that means shopping…shopping and more shopping. Now me, I love to shop. But not so much when the rest of the world has the same

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Featured Bio Contest Reminder

Please remember to nominate a character bio for round 2 of the Featured Bio Contest before it closes on Wednesday, January 1, 2013. The rules have been simplified so it’s even easier than

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