October 2013

In Pursuit, Warp 9

Star Trek wouldn’t be the same without the ability to warp. With a galaxy as vast as the Milky Way, it’s the only thing that would grant humans (and aliens)

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More Power To You!

Fuels have taken various forms over the centuries. Wood and coal were used to fuel fires for warmth. Eventually coal created fuel for steam engines. Water has been used to

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Dance, Takei, Dance!

Every fan of Star Trek is familiar with Hikaru Sulu – George Takei in real life. The American actor (born of Japanese parents) has reprised the beloved character in every

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Top Picks: Baby, Baby!

Fans of Star Trek have never had any qualms of showing their love for the series and its subsequent movies. We, as members of Starbase 118, show our love for

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Donation thanks to Kael Thomas

Many thanks to Kael Thomas of the USS Vigilant, who donated again recently. Donations like this help keep our website ad free and ensure that we’ll fulfill our yearly fundraising

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September Recruitment Stats

Each month, the Publicity Team posts the number of applications our community received for the current year and how those applicants found our group. That summary will give you an

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SDC Spotlight: Xindi

After a few long weeks, the SDC was finally able to compile all of the current information available about the Xindi. In the process, 6 complete and totally different species

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We are a star trek roleplaying game

We are a free, fun, and friendly community of Star Trek fans who write collaborative fiction together. It’s easy to join – we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

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