Constitution plot summary for July

Constitution plot summary for July

The Constitution-B has been sent to the Klingon planet of Sos’Iw, where every seven years the “Hell’s Gate Games” are held. The crew’s mission is to stop a rogue group of Cardassian/Son’a from killing Chancellor Martok while he attends the games. Martok has requested help from Starfleet as he no longer trusts his own people to protect him. He is especially suspicious of Generel KimpoK, who is in charge of security. KimpoK has no love for Starfleet and nearly crashes his ship into the Constitution-B while playing a game of chicken. LtCmdr. Jacen Fanel leads an away team, by shuttle, down to the surface but the team is caught up in a dangerous situation when a cargo ship clips a Bird of Prey and subsequently crashes on top of the away team. Quick thinking from Lt. Awa Alexander saves the away team from certain death. As things stand, D’ciq is training for the games having resigned from Starfleet.
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