March 2009

Interviews: Salak and Whale

There are two new interviews around the fleet this week for your enjoyment. The first is an IC interview of Lt Cmdr Salak, conducted by Lt Firestarter. The other is

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Poll of the Week: Best VOY Character

This week, we’re looking for your favorite characters from Voyager. Mesmerised by Janeway’s hair? Or hanging on the Doctors every operatic note? Perhaps you fear the wrath of part-Klingon B’Elanna,

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The Smells of Trek

Sure, maybe you’ve dreamed of looking like a chiseled 60s Shatner or sounding like the mellifluous Spock, but have you ever wanted to smell like your favorite Trek star? Well,

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New Writing Challenge

Show us what you’ve got! The March/April ’09 Writing Challenge has been posted on the forums. Go check it out!

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Vulcan Chat – 03/16/09

Following our highly successful fleet chats recently, the Guild of Vulcans are hosting a chat of their own on Monday 16th March. You don’t need to be a guild member;

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Jan./Feb. Writing Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Nemitor Atimen (“Only One Constant“), winner of the January/February ’09 Writing Challenge! Head to the Writing Challenges area of the website for more info.

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Boldly Going…

…where no baby & dog, on-again off-again singing duo has gone before? Well, anyway, Family Guy is set to reunite the entire main cast of The Next Generation (Patrick Stewart,

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