New Website Opens!

Over a year in the works, and it’s finally here. Although there’s so much I’d still love to get done, I figured it’s time to just throw open the doors and worry about getting everything else completed when I can. The first thing to follow this opening will be the Awards Ceremony area, which will hopefully have the completed awards for this past year, including the long, long overdue Staff awards.

Soon after that, we should have a few features for members online, which will force a re-organization of the menu bar just slightly to allow contact forms and such to be placed on each person’s own personal “member page.” Further in the future the UPDS will be completely folded into this website and there will be much less of a divide between our member database and our static site.

In the meantime, though, enjoy the new layout and be sure to tell us if you find any problems. (Just use the new “Contact Forms” found under the “Fleet Personnel” button.)