Monthly Ship Summary: Independence

The crew of the USS Independence, NCC-01776 is currently on leave aboard DS17. While on leave, the crew was invited to the holodeck for a promotions ceremony. After the ceremony, as the crew congratulated one another, their Captain changed the venue from that of a French Cafe to a New York nightclub. Informing the crew that each person would be expected to perform, she was interrupted by a Comm. call from the USS Hammond where the crew had been temporarily assigned. Taking the call, the Captain insisted LtCmdr Idril Mar perform first. As Mar moved to perform, the lights dimmed then went out, leaving the crew in total darkness. Seconds later, a shout was heard from the Captain. Moments later the lights were restored. Looking around in confusion, the crew found their Captain lying in a pool of blood. With DS17 already at Yellow alert due to a saboteur, what will the crew do now?