Monthly Ship Summary: Constitution

Monthly Ship Summary: Constitution

This month the USS Constitution-B, NCC-9012-B crew has had a difficult time on Kepos Prime. This planet is to be the first Federation colony within the Delta Quadrant. The crew beamed down to the surface in order to scout out an area for the main camp. Once this was accomplish, FltCapt Xan Hebron sent out three groups to different locations. After he sent out the group, the Constitution was called back to Starbase 118. Hebron stayed behind on the planet, along with the first touch down group.

LtCmdr Paul Diamond led a group to discover why the Borg on the planet are defective. The group discovered that the defective drones are mainly on half breeds, consisting of two different species from two different worlds. With a major struggle they were able to get this information back to camp. Another group, led by Cmdr John Stone, was sent into an area to discover more about the animal life on Kepos Prime. This group, however, discovered a smuggling ring and was able to take them into custody.

The final group, led by LtCmdr Merigold KitiganZibi-Hebron, was sent into a sensor blacked out area. They discovered an old Borg machine, which was causing the black out. It was also disturbing the weather in the area. Upon getting closer to the machinery, the weather became hectic for those back at the main camp site. They were able to shut it down, but not before the unfortunate demise of Lt. Tom Dodge and Ltjg Dan Palmar. The crew will morn their loss.

Now that everyone is back at the camp, Stone and KitiganZibi-Hebron were sent to bring the Constitution back to Kepos Prime. Since their departure, Fleet captain Hebron was contacted by a race who want assistance in bringing peace to their home world. Hebron plans to go to the planet to help out the peace accord. He will be leaving Diamond in charge of the colony. Only time will tell what this will bring for the crew.

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