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Coming up in May: SciWorld online simming convention

Every year, Star Trek simming orgs convene an online convention to share ideas, play trivia games, hold live simming events and say hello to old friends. This year’s convention is coming up in the first week of May – so be sure to mark your calendars for Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6. More information will be available as we get closer.

Learn more about SciWorld, and read past event archives to get an idea of what it’s like on the SciWorld site.

SciWorld: An Online Convention Experience

Last weekend StarBase 118 was one of many sims participating in the online convention SciWorld.  Running from Thursday to Sunday over two Internet Relay Chat (IRC) rooms, the convention featured multiple events from online simming demonstrations, discussions on character building, to how to incorporate crossover in games.

Session topics included a workshop on website and wiki building, blogging strategies, how to build your writing skills and how to deal with problem players in a game. Other activities included open chat-based simming, a Family Feud style game based on Star Trek trivia and plenty of humorous reminiscing. I even heard that Lt. Commander James got to blow up a starship in an open sim!

Sessions were hosted by representatives from over a dozen sims, including our very own Fleet Captain Diego Herrera and Captain Grier Reinard who led sessions on character development and building character relationships. 

Online simming convention SciWorld starts today

SciWorld 2014 is shaping up to be an incredible amount of fun, hugely informative, and an excellent chance to interact with members of SIMming groups from around literally the whole of the internet!

Did you enjoy attending Writing Improvement Month this year, or Fall Fest at the end of 2013? Did you appreciate the chance to share in the expertise of members of other SIM groups as well as your own? How about taking part in trivia quizzes? What about chats about non-Trek scifi? The range of topics for this year’s SciWorld is every bit as broad, hosted by people with years of SIMming experience in two dedicated SciWorld chat rooms!

Split into three different blocks starting at different times on each day, the convention has been designed with accessibility in mind. It doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in – you’ll still have a chance to take part in at least some of the SciWorld fun. Holding down a 9-5 weekday job? SciWorld will still be going by the time you hit the weekend, so you can rock on up and join in the fun! You can find the full schedule, split into events listed by date and time, in 6 different time zones here!

As if that isn’t enough of a draw, two of UFOP: Starbase 118’s command team will be hosting events on SciWorld’s weekend slot – Captain Greir Reinard will be walking you through how to write realistic relationships and Fleet Captain Diego Herrera will be guiding you through how to write a character arc! It’s always great when members of the fleet attend events like this to support the group’s staff but, while you’re there, why not check out some of the other fantastic chats?  Whether it’s chat room 1 or chat room 2, there’s plenty to keep you amused, entertained and inspired!

Online simming convention SciWorld starts this Thursday

The simming world comes together starting this Thursday!

With multiple time blocks to accommodate people across the globe, this event will include over a dozen different sessions including quizzes, informational chats, and live role-playing. Meet, and learn from some of the most experienced simmers in the world.

The convention this year runs from Thursday, May 1st to Saturday, May 3rd. Check the schedule now to mark your calendar with the sessions you want to attend by clicking on the link below:

SciWorld Online Convention Starts Todays

SciWorldToday marks the beginning of the 11th annual SciWorld Online Convention! This event draws simmers and role-players from across the world to discuss their craft and participate in activities hosted by seven different groups from around the web, including UFOP: StarBase 118. Two 118 members will be leading discussions — Ed, aka Captain Diego Herrera, will be hosting an event called “Acting Up: Successful roleplaying in 3 acts,” which is scheduled for 5:00 PM EST tomorrow (Thursday, May 2nd) evening, and Aims, aka Lt. Cmdr. Greir Reinard, will lead a discussion called “Building a civilization: Adding depth to your alien worlds” directly afterward (6:00 PM EST).

SciWorld’s Opening Ceremony will begin this evening at 7:30 PM EST, and will continue until late Friday evening. For a full schedule, check the Simming League’s information about the event. See you there!

SciWorld Online Convention 2012

The annual SciWorld Online Convention, also known as SWOC for short, is a yearly soiree spanning mutliple chat rooms set over three consecutive days, so that roleplayers and simmers alike from any organization regardless of rank or affiliation can get together and celebrate the ever-growing world of roleplaying. This year, the role of facilitator and steward goes to a man named Chaz Hammer, A Simming League / Ongoing Worlds Admiral and seasoned veteran. In this special coverage article, we’ll have a chat with him about the convention itself, as well as what it takes to run a world class roleplaying community.

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