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Dear Kr’Abby: Entertainment Choices

Dear Kr’Abby,

I’m really starting to get into Captain Marisol Adventures, the book series (not those terrible knock-off holonovels). It’s starting to impact my work. How can I better balance my time and my relaxation so that I don’t cause problems for everyone? Also, do you read them because they are the best.

Sincerely, #1 Marisol Fan

Dear #1 Fan,

Ah, the simple joys of reading about far away places and fantastic adventures!  While I might personally believe that Captain Marisol would do better with a Bat’leth strapped to her back and a battle targ at her side, there is a pastoral sense of adventure to those tales.  Quite enjoyable.

Reading and relaxation are important past-times that help sharpen your mind and balance your cortisol levels.  Certainly these are desirable effects as they have been shown to reduce the desire to punch your co-workers in the face by over 75% (which is something I don’t recommend unless you are Klingon.  Then please follow all rules of honorable engagement first.)  However too much of anything, including your favorite novels can turn a good thing into a bad thing. Once they start adversely affecting your work you need to consider how you can integrate these thrilling adventures into your day without having a negative effect.

You bring glory to your workplace when you focus on your tasks, so consider using down time to read your novels as a reward for a job well done.  This will make you motivated to finish work and get your reward.  Also consider listening to your favorite adventures in audible format while you do other work.  I especially like listening to Captain Marisol and the Pirates of Penzance while I work on my Mek’leth form.  Very invigorating!

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