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New members of the Executive Council

The Executive Council is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members, bringing the council to its constitutionally mandated membership size of five people for the first time in a number of years!

Captain Quinn Reynolds, Commanding Officer of the Gorkon, is the first appointee. She has acted as the Captain at Large (CAL) since this summer, and has been an important advisor for the Executive Council in the last year. In addition to her role as a CO, she currently acts as a Cadet Steward, helping to answer questions for our new and prospective members.

Captain Renos, Commanding Officer of the Darwin, is the second appointee. Renos has shown himself to be a dedicated, loyal, and enthusiastic member of the Captains Council who isn’t afraid to jump in and help with the hard projects. Currently Renos is also a Cadet Steward, the Promotions Coordinator, and Facilitator of the Publicity Team.

What is the Executive Council?
The Executive Council is our community’s highest decision-making body, comprised of a maximum of five admirals and captains who have more than one year of service at that rank. The EC is endowed with the power to commission and decommission vessels, promote members to the rank of captain or beyond, and generally manage OOC concerns.

Appointment to the Executive Council is one of our community’s highest honors, denoting our utmost trust in the leadership and stewardship of each member.

With these two appointments, the EC roster is as follows:

  • Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf
  • Rear Admiral Toni Turner
  • Fleet Captain Cassandra Egan Manno
  • Captain Quinn Reynolds
  • Captain Renos

You can learn more about the Executive Council on the wiki.

Diego Herrera promoted to full member of the Executive Council

With the departure of FltCapt. Sidney Riley, a spot on the Executive Council has opened up. The current Captain At Large, FltCapt. Diego Herrera, has been chosen by the current EC members to replace Riley as a full member of the council.

FltCapt. Herrera was interviewed in January after being decorated in the yearly awards ceremony, and appointed to the Captain at Large position. He was recently promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain in August of last year.

For more information about what members of the Executive Council do, be sure to check out the appropriate page on our website.

Executive Council: The Ensign’s Guide to Management

Throughout the various stages of life we learn that every good system has exactly that, a system. Without a skeleton, our community would be a proverbial skin-pile. The Executive Council, comprised of five active members of the community, serves as that skeleton, handling many of the issues that arise in the OOC world.

They see to it that the day-to-day operations are carried out, and that business as usual is allowed to continue. Who are the ones responsible for this massive undertaking, and what sorts of things do they do? In what ways do the EC plan to shape the future of our community? All of these questions and more will be answered in this comprehensive guide for Ensigns to the Executive Council.

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