Executive Council: The Ensign’s Guide to Management

Throughout the various stages of life we learn that every good system has exactly that, a system. Without a skeleton, our community would be a proverbial skin-pile. The Executive Council, comprised of five active members of the community, serves as that skeleton, handling many of the issues that arise in the OOC world.

They see to it that the day-to-day operations are carried out, and that business as usual is allowed to continue. Who are the ones responsible for this massive undertaking, and what sorts of things do they do? In what ways do the EC plan to shape the future of our community? All of these questions and more will be answered in this comprehensive guide for Ensigns to the Executive Council.

The Executive Council is comprised of five members; four members of the council are allowed to vote on whatever issues or topics that are being discussed, and are generally Flag Officers (Admirals, Fleet Captains or Commodores). The fifth member, or Captain-at-Large, is an appointed, non-voting member of the council who is exactly what their title depicts… at least a Captain.  They may listen and discuss most anything the council does, however they aren’t typically allowed to vote. The only instance where the Captain at Large may find themselves voting on any one particular issue is when the main body is unable to come to a consensus, and a tie-breaker vote must take place. The current membership includes FltAdml Tristan Wolf (Magistrate), FltCapt Idril Mar (Senior Member), FltCapt Sidney Riley (Junior Member), FltCapt Toni Turner (Junior Member), and Captain-at-Large Captain Della Vetri. All of their information can be found by name in the Forums, on the Wiki, or at the link below.

One of the primary functions of the EC is the planning and implementation of nearly every aspect of the daily function in the community. This includes anything ranging from the comissioning of new vessels and space stations, administration of discipline for Flag Officer and Captains (yes, believe it or not, they too can be disciplined!) and probably one of the most important aspects, the creation of committees and their chairpersons to effectively facilitate the needs of an ever-growing populace. Headed by Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf (t.wolf@starbase118.net), and followed by three other voting members and a Captain at Large, the council is finally fully staffed and can work more efficiently than ever. Now, what does that mean for the average ensign like you?

Well that means for one, when you have questions, the chances of that question being answered efficiently and promptly are much greater. Secondly, that means that there is more time and mindpower to decide the direction of the community. Direction is one of the greatest aspects of management, in essence, not just having activity within the group, but having activity that is actually going to have unique impacts on the world of tomorrow. This leads me to one of the more inclusive documents that any ensign should read: The State of the Federation Address.

If you haven’t read the 2012 Address, I would highly recommend it. Most of the points in the address just go to show you what a fully staffed council is capable of, and what potential they have for illustrating the future. One thing is for certain: there are definitely some fine events to be a part of for this simming season. The Executive Council has developed their goals and have set the standard to be not just keeping the machine going, but to go above and beyond, always reaching for an indefinite pinnacle. To this writer, that seems to be a healthy goal for the community, one that will ensure a sort of continuity for years to come. The EC has worked hard to get us where we are today, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Check out the information provided about the EC.

Missed the link for the Address above? Don’t worry ensign, here it is again!

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