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Lower Decks: Ensign Greg Able

AbleIn this edition of the Lower Decks, we meet a spry young newbie to the community, Ensign Gregory Able. Ensign Able has come from humble beginnings on his journey from the Orleans shipyards, to hitting the books, and now to the USS Apollo. Greg’s writer, Mark, is here to tell us a bit more about this promising young addition to the fleet.

The writer for Mr. Able, Mark, lives and works in the UK as an IT specialist. Being greatly involved in social networking, and having been part of a Star Trek based community prior to ours, his experience in RP’ing and PBeM groups is not limited. His fan group, the USS Navras, which is part of the STARFLEET International Star Trek Fan Association, served as the vessel by which he found the UFOP: SB118 community. In efforts to expand his relations with other Trek-friendly communities from within the group, Mark stumbled upon our community through Twitter, and ultimately had to check it out. “I’ve participated in a lot of RP in MMOs and before that play-by-email and no-one has ever seemed so well organised and friendly. I am glad I found you and proud to be here for sure.”

Lower Decks: Lieutenant (JG) Jaxon Mc Ghee

In the realm of line officers, the ones on the bottom are usually looked at last, yet they are the ones that keep the ship alive. In this segment of Lower Decks we are going to take a look at Lieutenant (JG) Jaxon Mc Ghee, Chief Engineer for the Embassy on Duronis II, and the USS Thunder.