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Brell promoted to the rank of Commander

The Captains Council is pleased to announce that Brell, First Officer of the USS Atlantis (a ship in the Andaris Task Force), has been promoted to the rank of Commander!

Brell is a long-standing member who has been a member of the Duronis II Embassy, Constitution, StarBase 118, and his current posting with the Andaris Task Force. This prolific writer has had much success developing the little seen Bolian race into something incredibly rich. He has brought the Bolian species to life and crew members frequently comment on this aspect of his writing. His writing skills have earned him a number of awards, including the Barclay Bead, TOSMA, Nebula Bar, Lwaxana Troi Medallion, Russ Bar, and Voyager Medallion.

Out of Character, Brell is a co-facilitator of the Poll of the Week team, and a member of the Publicity Team, Image Collective, and the Academy Training Team. His other contributions across the fleet, and cheerful disposition, have made him a welcome sight on the forums and wiki.

Head to the forums now to congratulate Brell on this promotion!

Trained by the best: Brell

Each month we interview a member of the Academy Training Team for insight on how our training works, and as recognition for all the hard work that goes into training new members each and every week of the year!

This month, we’re sitting down with Brell, a Lieutenant Commander from the Darwin, who has been an active member of the team in the last few months.

WOLF: Hi Brell!! Can you tell us a little about yourself for the folks who may not know you?

BRELL: Well I’m a guy in my early 30s who lives in Arizona with my partner of 12 years in the middle of the desert. I’m a big time Trek nerd for can’t seem to go more than two days without watching an episode or one of the movies. Why would I want too right? In the fleet my most known and current character is Brell the Bolian Chief Engineer of the USS Darwin.

How did you learn about UFOP: SB118 in the first place, and what drew you to join our community?

Well long ago when I first joined it was actually just finding the SB118 website. I had been searching for Star Trek RPG material to read, though I knew I had little chance of getting the tabletop group I had at the time to run a campaign.

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