Trained by the best: Brell

Trained by the best: Brell

Each month we interview a member of the Academy Training Team for insight on how our training works, and as recognition for all the hard work that goes into training new members each and every week of the year!
This month, we’re sitting down with Brell, a Lieutenant Commander from the Darwin, who has been an active member of the team in the last few months.
WOLF: Hi Brell!! Can you tell us a little about yourself for the folks who may not know you?
BRELL: Well I’m a guy in my early 30s who lives in Arizona with my partner of 12 years in the middle of the desert. I’m a big time Trek nerd for can’t seem to go more than two days without watching an episode or one of the movies. Why would I want too right? In the fleet my most known and current character is Brell the Bolian Chief Engineer of the USS Darwin.
How did you learn about UFOP: SB118 in the first place, and what drew you to join our community?
Well long ago when I first joined it was actually just finding the SB118 website. I had been searching for Star Trek RPG material to read, though I knew I had little chance of getting the tabletop group I had at the time to run a campaign.
How long ago did you get involved with the Academy Training Team, and what was it like getting started?
I joined the team back in January and had bit of slow start and jumpy start. Due to a lot going in in real life I had to take it slow, and took a few months to get in the swing. Even then I have had to space things out for awhile along the way.
What’s been your favorite part about training so far?
Getting to work with the other trainers, seeing the various styles and feedback given to the cadets and getting to be a part of that process. I feel like I have learned a lot that has complimented my own mentor’s guidance and what I’m learning about what it takes to be an asset to the fleet.
Are you working toward command?
Yes It’s a long term goal of mine. I’m am enjoying the journey expanding my writing and mentoring skills.
Besides the Training Team, where else are you involved in the fleet, OOC?
I am a member of the publicity team as well as the co-facilitator of the Poll of the Week. Both of which are quite enjoyable be I scouring the web for content for the Publicity Team or nerding out building and collaborating on new polls.
What advice would give to those who are coming up through the ranks and headed toward the Training Team?
Each class, each group of cadets is unique and you will see some ideas flying around that are truly unexpected. You get to work directly with great people and help them on their first step to becoming active and productive officers in our fleet. As well as get a chance to work with officers just like yourself from other ships for the betterment of our group. The experience is rewarding, challenging, and fun all wrapped up as one.
Thank you so much for your time — we’ll let you get back to training!
You can read more about LtCmdr. Brell on the wiki, and learn more about joining the Academy Training Team on this page.

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